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Over the years flying has had its share of problems including security checks, delays, congestion, and more. What if one could avoid the hassles and still fly…in style? Arrive directly at your aircraft, get into the plush seats, enjoy gourmet snacks and escape the crowds at the airport. The answer is Private Chartered Flights where you can avoid the delays and stress of airport security checks, enjoy the privacy and comfort of your own aircraft. It can also be surprisingly cost-effective on a per-seat basis and sometimes you can get rates that are as much as first /business class flights. There are online services which connect the discerning highfliers with private jet operators around the world who have on offer a range of aircraft – turbo props to long range jets and everything in between. They are able to offer such prices since they post the rates for empty legs of private jets booked on their site. e.g. some hotshot corporate type flew from NYC to Philadelphia and is now

Some of the online services are:

JetSuite (www.jetsuites.com) This is a US based company and offers jets within the US only. Pricing can be as low as $500 (Rs. 30,000) for four-seater jet.

JumpSeat.(www.jumpseat.com) Again US based – but this company also offers some international trips. This is a peer-to-peer sharing service which allows fliers to get empty seats at a low price, on a jet already scheduled to fly.

LunaJets. (www.lunajets.com) This is a Swiss company and has access to as many as 3000 aircraft around the world.

SkySearch. (www.skysearch.aero) SkySearch is a Dubai, UAE based company having access to over 5000 aircrafts around the world.

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