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99 Bedford St, Boston; (617) 426-1885

There’s no excuse for not learning more about the rich history of Boston not when Historic Neighborhoods, a non-profit educational organization, conducts 90-minute walking tours for just $5. Explore Beacon Hill, Chinatown, the North End, and the waterfront, with trained guides fleshing out all the significant stuff, as well as fascinating tidbits. Also, kids of all ages will love the Make Way for Ducklings tour through Beacon Hill, which re-creates the famous children’s story. Reservations are required; six people are needed to guarantee a tour. Ask about group rates.

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Yellow lilies are almost continuous now – but keep an eye open for the rarer white ones. We are soon walking along above the B8023, Kil- syth still a sprawl visible below the Campsies and Queenzieburn west of it. Eventually the towpath and road are merely separated by a railing, and for the last 70 metres to the Twechar Bridge there is a thin strip of pavement. On the far side there is staging and a slip. The Twechar Bridge is a lifting bridge, and alongside it are the abutments of an earlier swing bridge. Twechar is almost unpronounceable unless you were born there; try twek-ar (the 1823 Companion had Quecher). It never starts by rhyming with wheech. Created as a mining village in 1860, the original miners’ rows have gone, and housing schemes sprawl westwards. The school and church and better old buildings lie up the road south, where walkers descending from Bar Hill Roman fort exit. ‘Quarry (dis)’ indications.

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