As a former flight attendant and frequent flyer, I’ve seen both sides of the coin when it comes to comfort on-board. We’d all love a first-class lounger, but there are ways to make travelling in any seat more enjoyable.

On some flights, you might be lucky enough to find free pillows and blankets but I don’t take any chances. I carry a pashmina-style wrap, which can also act as a shawl or scarf at my destination.


I always bring an inflatable neck pillow, eyeshades and ear plugs, which I stow together in a mesh baggie. I carry my own headset for the in-flight entertainment, which can save money and time – there’s no wait for the crew to distribute them.

For snacking onboard, I pack granola bars, hard boiled eggs, almonds and herbal tea bags. Along with these go travel hand wipes and a small package of tissues. I’ll buy a large bottle of spring water once I’ve passed security.

I rarely remove my shoes in-flight – it’s just a habit of mine – though I’ve noticed that those who do often have a hard time squeezing into them again. This is due to aircraft pressurization and the sodium in meals. Japanese passengers often bring slippers for onboard, which I find charming and practical.

FA TIP: For health and safety reasons, always wear shoes or slippers when going to the lav or walking around the plane. To me, bare or stocking feet are as dangerous as not wearing a seatbelt.

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