Irufta US Map & Phone & Address

56 J.F.K. St. Cambridge; (617) 868-5633

A friend of Mine’s stops in here whenever I want to treat myself’ and orders up a paella laced with fish, clams, sausage, and chicken ($10.95) that’s just too big to finish. Iruna, as you may guess, is a Spanish restaurant that is hidden down an alleyway across from the Janus Cinema. This makes it quintessential Harvard Square; a place for those in-the-know, with good, inexpensive food and a foreign accent.

A couple of rooms in this winding house, plus a patio in the back, offer an almost romantically secluded atmosphere even if the decor is rather plain. Service is gracious enough to make you think you really are somewhere in Spain. Appetizers range from gazpacho ($2) to marinated artichoke hearts ($2.75); other entrees include pork tenderloin estofado (stew) for $8.95, and sirloin a la Baronesa prepared in a butter, lemon, and garlic sauce for $12. All entrees include soup and a salad good value indeed. Beer and wine are available. Iruna serves lunch and dinner, every day but Sunday.

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