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I didn’t tell him that there was a canoe in it China map interactive . We flagged several trucks before one stopped for us. It was carrying a toad of China map interactive bricks. The driver was a young Han and in reply to my question Ni dao shenme difang chiu?’ (You to what place go?), he said that he was going all the way to the Pakistan border. We hopped in and I sat in the middle since Peter couldn’t speak Mandarin. I enjoyed practising and the driver didn’t mind my mistakes.

Courtesy of Jeff Westover

Jeff stopped unable to see the remaining worn, aged words. Bev brought water. Wetting the stone improved its legibility and, this time, Bev continued reading:

“How pure those hearts how well prepared for the swift approaching shock. Although unwarned we know their hopes. were founded on the rock. Fate shows our treasures, father’s sons, where hearts may trust their prize. Rest in homes not made with hands, eternal in the skies. But the Good Sheppard watched his own, his power out sped the blow. The stricken lambs lay on His breast are loved, are safe we know.”

After she finished, the three of us stood in respectful silence. Bev and I glanced at each other, silently acknowledging the returning wind as she finished reading the inscription on the tombstone.

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