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In the late nineteenth century, one of the Arlington Hotel’s most prominent owners was the Toohey family. After Thomas Toohey’s passing in the 1890s, his wife, Bridget, took over management. In time it became too much for her to handle. That’s when Thomas’ cousin, Peter Toohey, stepped in to help.

Peter lived at the Arlington Hotel with his wife, Mary, and their adopted son, Eldon. At a very young age, Eldon developed Rheumatic Fever. He survived the illness but was left with rheumatism and a bad heart. Crippled by his condition, walking was difficult and

Eldon spent a good deal of his life in a wheelchair. He was a fragile young boy who looked much younger than his years.

In spite of his situation, Eldon kept a positive, happy-go-lucky spirit, which was admired by the townspeople and cherished by his parents. He was one of West Bay City’s most well-known children.

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