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335 Harvard St. Brookline; (617) 738-DELI (3354)

In a neighborhood known for delicatessens, KJ’s is a real standout Run by Ken Jaffe (of Pick-A-Chick fame), this recent arrival is the latest version of a dining dynasty in Coolidge Comer.

The food here is not kosher, but KJ’s has all the old-world specialties kishke, matzo ball soup, cheese blintzes, and the rest. Homemade potato knishes ($3.95 as an appetizer) are surprisingly light and delicate.

Mine also loved the potato pancakes (a.k.a. latkes), served up hot and delicious for $5.75 with sour cream and apple sauce.

Sandwiches are, literally and figuratively, a big deal here. Try one of the Coolidge Comer Combos, huge creations served with cole slaw and French fries. These whimsically-named handfuls include Jane’s Hungry Horror (turkey, roast beef, Swiss cheese, and horseradish sauce on rye, $7.95) and Reuben’s Reuben (a hearty rendition of the classic, $6.95). A little pricey, but you can easily split one of these, or take a half home for later. Each comes with cole slaw, but for 500 more you can get those terrific French fries or potato salad. Burgers, soups, and salads are other staples; and, given his family’s tradition, Ken still serves up one of the best chicken dinners around. KJ’s Deli is open Sundays through Thursdays 7 A.M. to 11:30 P.M. and Fridays and Saturdays 7 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

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