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Kremlin is referred as the heart of Moscow; it is the official residence of Russian President. In building up Kremlin palace golden, white and green colors are used beautifully. This palace was established by Russian Emperor Nicholas- 1 in 1837, though its initial work of establishment had already been commenced in 1462 by Ivan the Terrible and during the wars that had taken place during those times, Kremlin had been badly affected. For the construction of Kremlin the rulers of Kremlin put the best and well known architects on work who had worked hard and whole heartedly for its construction which resulted in coming out as a monument building in front of the world. The length of the palace is 125 meter with its breadth is 47 meter, with its total area being 25, 000 square meters.

In the premises of Kremlin there are nine churches of the period 14th, 15th and 16th century and the palace has more than 700 rooms in it. In the south of Kremlin Moskava river is there, in the east red square and in the west beautiful Alexander Garden is there.

Kremlin’s history is very old, in the eleventh and twelfth century this place was occupied by the Slavs. In ancient times Kremlin word was used for the walls that were built in the centre. Later on Kremlin was called to a place that was formed with the fusion of several walls. The name Moscow was used firstly in the year 1147. In the year 1238 Mongolians and Tatter had attacked Moscow but has maintained its name.

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In 17th Century the old buildings of Kremlin were renovated at the time when it was officially temporary residence of the government officers. In 1812, Nepalese army captured and took over their control over Kremlin. Since 1815 to 1835 countries best architects like O. Bovo, D Gillard and K. Rossi had done Kremlin’s reconstruction work.

In 1917 after independence Moscow had become Soviet Union’s capital. In 1918 , Soviet government had come down from Petrograd to Moscow and had taken Kremlin under its control thereby making it closed for the general public. Between 1932- 34 several ancient buildings were demolished and in its place new government buildings were built.

In 1955, Kremlin was again opened for the general public and in 1990 UNESCO had taken it under World Heritage list.

Kremlin word was first used for Soviet government and today it is used for Russian government. Three buildings of Kremlin are used for the use of Presidents official residence. these three buildings are Sanite, Grand Kremlin and Military School.

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