Local Food And Drinks On Travel

For me, a big part of the thrill of travel is sampling exotic food and drinks. Pisco Sours in Santiago, Dark and Stormies in Bermuda and Caipirinhas in Sao Paulo make for fond memories. We discovered our favourite new cocktail, the Venetian Spritz, after noticing dozens of young people quaffing a bright orange beverage at bars along the Guidecca Canal.

Many foods you just can’t find elsewhere, like a tasty flying fish sandwich in Barbados or the awesome Bake and Shark in Trinidad, worth the drive to Maracas Bay. You didn’t really fly all the way to Hong Kong to eat chain-restaurant pizza or burgers, did you? Sampling authentic cuisine in its native setting makes my day.

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Cooking classes are entertaining, informative and a good opportunity to build “apart time” into your travel plans. And I always take advantage of duty free shopping to save money and buy unique gifts, like wines, coffee and chocolate.

FA TIP: Local beer is usually bargain-priced and safe to drink. It’s a great thirst-quencher and a cheap way to kill time at an expensive airport bar.

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