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You begin at Truffles tearoom at Steyning; a tearoom is Monterey Subway Map always a good place to begin a walk, especially with many miles ahead of you. Turn Monterey Subway Map left out of the teashop and proceed down the main street, turning left into Church Street. Follow this, pausing every so often to view the fine old buildings of the street, until you reach St Andrew’s Church, the first of six historic churches you will see on your day’s walk, on the left-hand side. It is unmissable in every sense, and described by Simon Jenkins as a ‘bruiser of a building’.

The resting place of St Cuthman, it was given by Edward the Confessor to the Norman monks who demolished the Saxon church that previously stood here and built another church, of which a substantial part remains today. This includes the tremendous nave, chancel arch, and nave arcades and clerestories which had all been completed by the middle of the twelfth century.

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