Moody’s Falafal Palace US Map & Phone & Address

25 Central Square, Cambridge; (617) 864-0827


Moody’s is perhaps one of the best of the area’s many Middle Eastern eateries. Located right in the square, this tiny kitchen really puts out a ton of great, cheap food. The sandwiches grape leaves, kebabs, and of course, falafal are giant, and all priced from $2.50 to $2.75. A cup of lentil soup, just 990, is light and tummy-warming, with bits of com and peas mixed in.

The dinners are hearty too the falafal plate, with salad, is just $2.75. Chicken or beef kebabs, served over rice pilaf, are each $3.95, as are moussaka, kafta, kibby, or grape leaves, with rice or salad. Nearing the top of the line are shawarma and rice ($5), and grilled fish kebabs with rice ($5.25).

There are just a few stools by the window in this humble place, which is clean and bright and open until midnight, seven days a week.

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