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4705 Indian Trail Fairview Rd., Indian Trail, 704/882-1830, HOURS: Daily 8 A.M.-9 P.M.; public skating hours vary, call for details

COST: Mon.-Fri. $6.50 10 and over, $5.50 children under 10; Sat.-Sun. $7.50 10 and over, $6.50 children under 10; skate rentals $3.50 pp Overview Map

In a city where it never gets cold enough to play an impromptu game of hockey on a frozen pond, Extreme Ice Center comes to the rescue. The facility has two rinks, a mini training rink called The Puddle, a fitness center, and a restaurant overlooking the rinks. The rink hosts hockey and broomball leagues, figure skating clubs, and skating and skills classes. Public skating sessions are held several times a week and skate rentals are available. There is also a pro shop on-site.

Upon Glover’s death in 1643, the press will become the property of Henry Dunster, her second husband and president of Harvard. Mozambique Metro Map Dunster will waste no time in allying the press closely with the college, and it will become the foundation for the publishing house known since 1913 as Harvard University Press. 1640 Elizabeth Glover’s printing press produces The Whole Booke of Psalmes Faithfully Translated into English Metre, also known as The Bay Psalm Book. A collaborative translation of the Hebrew psalms of David by some of the most influential Puritans in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, The Bay Psalm Book provides an accurate, affordable, plainspoken alternative to the Sternhold-Hopkins Psalter of 1562, the psalm book most commonly used by the Plymouth Colony Pilgrims and the English Puritans. The Bay Psalm Book is the first book to be both written and printed in North Country. It also is one of the three most commonly owned books in seventeenth-century New England the Bible and The New England Primer (1690) being the other two.

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