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Nothing captures modern day wilderness quite like the wide empty expanse that is Alaska. If you’re passionate about solitude and silence then Alaska will fill your soul; you’ll see huge pockets of uninhabited space. If you are a fan of nature, Alaska will give you moments and memories of such stunning beauty that you’ll want to return over and over. It’s not called the Treasure State for nothing.

When you’re visiting the state, make sure you know which road you want to take. That would decide what vehicle and mode of transport will work best for you. For example, for the Aleutian Islands, you’ll need to use the Alaska Marine Highway ferry, where you can drive your car on board. This works for the Inside Passage as well. Interiors parts of Alaska can only be accessed by plane.

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One of the most brutal roads is the Dalton Highway and you’ll need a serious set of wheels for this ride. You will have to go in for a well-equipped vehicle, or one built specifically for the road. Think of an SUV like a used dodge durango. It normally comes equipped with front ventilated disc brakes and ABS brakes. Apart from this, you also have the support of stability control with anti-roll, braking assist, fog and driving lights, ABS and Driveline Traction control, power steering, tire pressure monitoring, front and rear suspension stabilizer bars, suspension for short and long arm front and cruise control. Everything you need for a safe and memorable ride is here. Add in a few more features and you’re good to go.

It makes sense to have some supplies, in case you ever need them- woolens, blankets, water, and food that doesn’t spoil. Also make sure your spare tire has enough air and is in good condition. The state doesn’t boast of great cellphone service, so your phone may not work in an emergency. Supplies, help.
Do keep in mind that a strict adherence to schedule may not work. You’ll have delays, especially when there’s a chance to spot wildlife and see something you’d not known about but heard from. So when you book your hotels, do read the refund clause well. Among the many wonders of Alaska, nothing is more spectacular than its fabulous wildlife and scenery. If you’re a wildlife enthusiast, do make a trip to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

Spread over 200 acres, the Center has been engaged in caring for animals who are injured, sick or orphaned, since 1993. Well laid out, the Center can be traversed on foot, the glaciers and mountains a perfect backdrop for your day. From grizzlies to bald eagles and coyotes, you’ll find so many majestic animals here.

If you enjoy fishing, then you’ll find a host of anglers at Russian River. There are close to 500 spots where you can indulge your fishing skills to your heart’s content.

The national parts at Alaska are where you should head- Kenai Fjords, Denali, Seward, Glacier Bay- the parks abound with things to do, from kayaking and hiking to boat tours and walks. Make your experience an unforgettable one- head to Alaska.

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