New Delhi Red Fort A Crazy Foreigner Talking To Himself In India – Varanasi To Delhi India

And it's time for another flight this time from Varanasi where I've spent the last few days heading to Delhi New Delhi just in time for Diwali. Now India day four.

Four? India day Good morning thank you for choosing to fly with us Welcome to Delhi arrived at the airport find an exit then hopefully find my lift there he is looking very excited. Good morning good morning or good afternoon. How are you doing? That's me thank you fancy looking hotel surprised they let me in really that's very nice, reasonably quiet from outside which is one of the big things with picking a hotel in India is trying to get away from the road noise and the honking, he says.

Now let's get on I got a met from reception and red fort is about seven kilometers away and one tuk-tuk ride. So first order food..

Red Fort let's get organised. Welcome to Delhi and welcome to the red fort and welcome to all the people waving thinking I'm a crazy person and all the people who keep wanting their photograph taken with me it's really quite bizarre. Please sir can I have my photograph taken with you? It's not like I'm the only foreigner here and it's not like I'm a superstar. Although you feel like one so it's India day for four or five.

I'm not sure but I made it to New Delhi Not only have I made it to New Delhi I have made it to the Red Fort okay it may not look red inside I'm inside the red fort the wall around the outside is big and huge and red here look at some footage of that outside so you can see why it's called the Red Fort you see the Red Fort inside really quite huge, gardens, palaces, halls, as you can see most of its white very beautiful and lots of people and in fact as I'm sitting here there's people coming and taking photographs of me taking a post of myself which is quite strange I really should get my photographs to take picture of people photographing me doing a post of myself now if this isn't a good way to learn ging I have no idea what is and I, once again I'm drawing a crowd of people who want to come and see what the crazy foreigner is doing here, so come on come and say hello thank you sir pleasure here we are who's next? Who's next? Come on everybody in need some more people around this side are you gonna come in? Have we got everybody in? Come closer anybody missing is this your son? Hmm here we go family, oh hold on, just gonna work out this modern technology. Here we go everybody in.

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