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Advancements in fishing line technology have given modern anglers a decided advantage over their predecessors. Nylon monofilament line has been superseded by high-tech material that is vastly superior. New lines are thinner and have less stretch. This means that you can fill a lightweight spinning reel with 10-pound test line that has the diameter of yesterday’s 4-pound test material.

Some of the new lines have a few drawbacks, the braided variety being the most difficult to use. Such lines are strong and durable but have a tendency to knot up when used for casting. It is better to stick to the single-strand stuff for casting and use the braided material for trolling or jigging.

Modern leader material has the advantage of being thinner, stronger, andin some casesinvisible to fish. This gives the fly-fisher the opportunity to use a small-diameter tippet that is capable of steering a big fish away from snags without breaking.

Rods have come down in price and up in quality. Modern graphite or graphite composite rods are affordable and responsive. Nobody need invest large sums of money in ultra-expensive fishing tackle when high-quality rods are available for 50 dollars or less.

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