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Although fewer Pacific festivals occur in Australia compared to New Zealand, Oceanic and Torres Strait Islander visibility has increased through Indigenous/folk/Pacific events, especially Queensland’s QPAKifika (2005), Pacific Vibe Festival, Floating Land and Woodford Folk Festival. The combined effect of these and other activities throughout the country is contributing to broader and more vibrant revitalization of notions of the urban’ in the twenty-first century, with its increasing mobilities and hybridities of not only cultural but also economic formations.

In northern Queensland, Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, Cairns Regional Art Gallery, Tanks Art Centre, KickArts Contemporary Arts, private galleries and island art centres have raised the profile of contemporary Indigenous Torres Strait Islander and other Pacific artists, and this in turn has added to the renewal of Pacific identities in Australian regional communities. Particularly notable has been printmaking, a phenomenon’ catalysed by Anna Eglitis and Theo Tremblay when Eglitis initiated the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Visual Arts Course at Cairns Institute of TAFE (Technical and Further Education) in 1984. Ironically, only after achieving international fame have Indigenous artists from this region (such as Dennis Nona, Alick Tipoti, David Bosun and Billy Missi) enjoyed national acclaim (Eglitis and Tremblay May 2008 interview with author). Torres Strait Islanders’ identification with Pacific as well as Indigenous heritage goes largely unacknowledged in urban art institutions, evoking the later 1980s when global recognition of Aboriginal art preceded mainstream Australian acknowledgement.

Charter. A document issued by a sovereign or legislature that Niger Metro Map creates and defines the privileges and purposes of a public or private corporation, such as a colony Niger Metro Map , city, college, or bank. Chattel. 1 A piece of movable property, such as coinage, furniture, or domestic animals. 2 Slaves were considered to be chattel. Cholera.

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