Night Bus in Myanmar from Bagan to Inle Lake Nyuangnshwe

And so is about to begin another night bus journey, in Myanmar.

So far we’ve been in Yangon, to Bagan where the night bus journey was okay, comfortable, a bit bumpy, I never really sleep well on the bus, but they’ve been nice luxury buses, stopped every three hours, for toilet breaks, that was great, I spent my time in Bagan now. This is the place where I stayed, I’m just waiting, the bus service I picked come and pick you up here, so I’m just waiting for that pickup, then I’ll take to the bus station.

Night Bus in Myanmar from Bagan to Inle Lake Nyuangnshwe Photo Gallery

Bus, and then it takes nine to ten hours to get to Inle Lake, our next destination. So I hope you have enjoyed Bagan, it’s an amazing historic place, really is quite beautiful, people here, are very kind and friendly it’s quite low-key, it’s, lots, lots of places to eat, lots of places to stay, of all different budgets, although nothing too budget budget, I’m afraid, Myanmar isn’t exactly the, small budget country, but the people are super friendly, there is an amazing amount you can see here, and as you can see with the sunsets and the sunrises and the time we’ve had here it’s been really great, and now we’re gonna go to our next place, which is the Inle Lake, also in the north of Myanmar or central north, towards the Thai border I suppose, where, where they have these, fishing people who paddle with their feet, while they fish, as well as lots of other fascinating things I’m sure. So, let’s hope we get a good rest on this night bus, I’ll show you what I can, if not I’ll see you in the morning, hope you’ve had a splendid day today, I hope you’ve really enjoyed our day here, and our time in Bagan, and it’s going very quickly isn’t it? gonna be, after Inle Lake, I go to Mandalay and then I’m off to my next destination.

Well, collected from the hotel, on a big bus, oops sorry, come on camera, let’s try that again. Collected from the hotel by, quite a big bus, to take us to the bus station, to get on the big night bus, so small journey first. So, dropped off, by the big bus into the JJ Express bus station that’s here, you go there, show them your ticket and your passport, they give you a sticker, like this, with your seat number on it, take your bags get a baggage tag from, they put a baggage tag on your bag, and give you another tag, my bag is in the bus, and you’re ready to go.

Just use the toilet first, it’s a long journey, I think nine to ten hours, see you on the bus. Here we are, nice comfy looking bus, hopefully not too many people on board, now where am I, B, C, here I am, E. This is my seat, looks nice and comfy, see.

Headrest, footrest, I’ll show you the footrest assoon as I get the camera under control, put your feet up, and enjoy. Snacks, snacks and blankets. So, and what do we have in our little surprise today? a, chicken steamed cake, and a, mochi bread, okay, looks nice.

Little snacks for on the way, I still haven’t eaten my other ones yet. How to control the camera again. that’s it folks, I survived another bus journey, another the night bus, Now we’re in Nyaunshwe, time to get off the bus and find my hotel.

Thank you very much, how many night will you like to stay here?, I don’t know yet. Out from the bus station, there’s people waiting, to take you in like a communal taxi, two thousand kyats per person to your hotel. Oops.

I’ll try and get a picture of it from the outside, this is what it’s like on the inside, and we’re, maybe going somewhere, maybe not, I’m not sure. We’re now in Nyaunshwe. Oops, communal taxi from the bus station which is like a, I have no idea what it’s called.

But, it’s very cold out here, I hope we don’t have long to go. Oh I think I’ve just crossed the street. Anyway, I did get some sleep on the bus, but stopped a couple of times for toilet breaks, and also, stopped to pay the entrance fees to the Inle area which is now thirteen thousand, five hundred kyats.

You have to pay that, if you want to come into the area, then, yes to Nyaungshwe now, hopefully, eventually, they’ll take me to my hotel, and hopefully I can get into a nice cosy bed, because it is really cold, I have no long sleeves. And here we are at, the Princess Garden, hotel. All I got to do is wake them up now, okay.

Thank you. Here we are, early hours of the morning, Princess Garden Hotel, all I’ve got to do is find someone to let us in. Thank you very much.

Good evening, mingalaba..

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