Nusa Penida Island drone Angels Billabong Broken Beach Kelingking Beach Crystal Bay Sunset

Welcome to the tropical island, of Nusa Penida, very close to Bali, and we’re going to go and explore the best sights on Nusa Penida, it is a beautiful island, lush and green, quite a big island, but not too many people, so it’s quite friendly, tourism is just starting to develop here.

Though it’s starting to get busy, restaurants are opening up, all over the place, accommodations opening up, the quality of accommodation is variable, but it’s decent, you have to, sometimes book ahead in the busy times because a lot of the places are quite small, but today, this post is about, where to explore, on Nusa Penida, there’s more places coming up all the time, but in no particular order let’s go and visit all the highlights, of Nusa Penida. So this is a Angels Billabong, a tidal pool, along an amazingly, stunning stretch of wild coast on Nusa Penida, it’s really rocky around, so you gotta be careful, as you can see, the volcanic rock is really sharp and tough, but you have this tidal pool that’s been carved out, when the tide comes up and down it comes in here, and you can go down in there, oh hi, hi there, hey how are you doing? Whoa, Angels Billabong,that was great but, now I’m taking a small walk, to Broken Beach, oops it’s really an easy path, I’m just not looking where I’m going, which you know, really shouldn’t be, as the sign back there said, don’t walk and selfie, you might fall off a cliff, let me show, you the beauty, of Broken Beach. Look at that.

Nusa Penida Island drone Angels Billabong Broken Beach Kelingking Beach Crystal Bay Sunset Photo Gallery

Welcome to Kelingking Beach, another one of them, must-see places on Nusa Penida, and the sky has cleared out, it is, blazing hot, not a cloud in the sky but it’s still really, really windy, I’m making my way down, the path you’ve got, the actual beaches down there, oh, oops and take a bit of care on the path, so you don’t fall off like I do, embarrassing and over here was a bit that’s, like a dinosaur’s head. There’s a car park, as usual five thousand, Indian rupees [Indonesian Rupiah], entry for the bike, park bike and then, a little path, I’m not sure where it goes, I think it’s a couple of view points that they’ve actually sort of made, fortunately huh, it goes to a village, oh rubbish strewn around here, I don’t know where that comes from, but an absolutely outstanding view and it’s still, I have put a little, what can I say? then sort of a fence is the right word, but there is a sort of barrier, before the edge of the cliff, which is, a most remarkable, scene. You don’t want to be making a mistake and go the wrong way down there, and slip like I just did, so, get back from the edge don’t lean over and take selfies but yes, another fantastic bit of scenery here on Nusa Penida.

This is called Kelingking Beach, I see some seats in a view point here, well it’s gonna be beautiful, hoping the winds gonna let up a bit and I can put the drone out, so here’s some of the footage of Kelingking Beach, for you to enjoy. Mind the road works, they’re improving the roads everywhere, now, welcome to Crystal Bay, oh, that’s coming for me, here we go, here we go, here we go. Let’s find a parking spot, see if I can find one of the VIP shaded spots, in other words, under a coconut tree but not so it gets run over by all the, this patch looks good here I’ll just dump it will all the other rental bikes and here we go and this is, the entrance to Crystal Bay, now let’s go and have a look at the beach.

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