What To Pack For Your Fall Hiking Adventure

What is the worst part of a hiking adventure, or going on vacation or a camping trip when the weather is a little chilly? It’s usually the packing – trying to figure out what to take, how many pieces you will need, how heavy your bag is, and whether what you’re packing will be comfortable and warm enough – the list goes on and on. Well, here’s a simple lifehack to ensure that you won’t have to pull your hair out over what to pack on that fall hiking adventure: merino wool!

Merino wool is no ordinary type of wool, and aside from its amazing feel (it literally feels like being wrapped in a cloud) it’s perfect for hiking because it tailors itself to pretty much every weather situation. Great in both hot and cold weather, merino wool’s unique fibre structure allows it to be both insulating and breathable, so whether you’re hiking the Swiss Alps or the Gobi Desert you’ll be taken car of. Depending on the situation, the fibres help trap air to use as insulation to warm the body, or allow body heat to rise to the surface and dissipate.

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Merino wool is perfect for hiking – or really any demanding activity – because the natural fibres manage moisture better than cotton and synthetic materials, keeping you fresh (in other words: not smelly) so you can wear the same piece of clothing, like the awesome Unbound Merino wool t shirts or underwear, more than once and not worry about offending anyone. No more having to pack an article of clothes for each day you’re on your adventure, and no more scrambling to find a way to clean you’re clothes mid-hike. And most importantly, no more smelling like you haven’t bathed in a month – just more time to enjoy your experience.

Clothing made from merino wool is also easy to pack, carry, and maintain. Articles of clothing made of this wool have a natural ability to defy wrinkling, which means that you can stuff your clothes in your bag without worrying about looking grubby (because, let’s face it, one of your friends will be taking pictures of you on your hike). And because merino wool lasts so long without a wash, the stress of packing is confined to just throwing a single pair of socks, underwear, a t-shirt, pants, and a sweater or jacket in your bag. No more carrying unnecessary items that will weigh you down while hiking in a colder weather climate.

Traveling should be fun and filled with adventure, and traveling light will take the stress out of hiking and let you enjoy the world and the outdoors. It’s also good to know that when you’re out there hiking, aside from the fact that your pack weighs less and you smell pretty good, you’re wearing a sustainable, natural fibre that’s good for the environment – the same environment that you’re enjoying.
Next time you go on a fall hiking adventure or vacation, make sure to take clothing made of merino wool to save space, lighten your load, and make your travel experience a great one. Merino wool will be the best part of your next trip or getaway!

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