Virginia Guide for Tourist

In Virginia, Salvadorans represent the largest share of Latino newcomers. For them, religious institutions have been particularly instrumental, given the circumstances surrounding their exit from El Salvador and... Read more

Travel to Texas

Statehood, the Civil War, and the Late Nineteenth Century Both the Mexican War and statehood complicated the relationship between the United States and Texas. The Treaty of Guadalupe... Read more

Tides Fishing

Maine’s tides are among the highest in the world. Such powerful forces can create unique situations for the angler. A moving tide can create a rip near any... Read more

Maine Wildlife

Maine wildlife is generally inoffensive. Maine has no poisonous snakes, although timber rattlers did inhabit western Maine many years ago. Still, big-game animals such as black bear and... Read more

Oregon Vacations

Oregon cultural contributions The cultural and political landscapes of Oregon are quite different in this new century than they were fifty years ago. Today, the Mexican and Latino... Read more

Washington bibliography

Apostolidis, Paul. “The State of the State of Washington’s Latinos: 2008.” http://www. Compean, Mario. “Mexican Americans in the Columbia Basin: A Historical Overview.” Columbia River Basin Ethnic... Read more

Fish Insect Pests

Fly fishers eagerly await the emergence of various mayfly species, but the joy of matching the hatch can be overpowered by the return of the blackfly. Beginning in... Read more


Elizabeth Rink Washington chronology 1774 The Spanish explorer Juan Perez arrives on the Santiago in Washington State with a crew primarily of Mexican sailors. 1790-1792 The first non-Native... Read more

The Fall Flurry Fishing

Trout fishing and salmon fishing are at their best during spring and drop off as summer’s heat raises water temperatures. September frosts quickly lower water temperatures, making a... Read more