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Buddhism is sacred here. No taking pictures standing in front of statues, the utmost respect in temples. Shorts are not allowed, don’t parade around drunk and loud. You’ll be escorted away. Look but don’t touch.

DO LEARN some, any of their language is a plus. At the very least, the number system, which is actually quite easy. Speaking awful Thai is worse than no Thai. Speak slow, distinct English and some dirty Thai words at the minimum.

DO WEAR flashy gold. Not the real stuff, get the knock off Rolex in the Patpong are for $10. Gold is a big status symbol in BKK. As if you don’t get enough attention here, this will increase it even more.

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DO keep your feet to yourself. They have this strange custom surrounding pointing feet, use of feet. Never point towards anyone, don’t flop them on chairs, never step on a Thai, over a Thai, or over a Thai’s food.

DO get a price up front.

If a girl says no price and says whatever you pay me is fine, expect a huge argument in the morning, no matter what you pay her.

Electricity :

Voltage is 220 Volt AC with flat 2 pin plugs. You can buy an adapter for shavers, laptop computers, mobile chargers, etc., on arrival at most department stores.

Most hotels now have Internet either from the room by laptop, or from their business center. Charges vary from around 100 Baht for the first 15 minutes with lower charges afterwards. Additional surcharges times apply, so check first. There are also Internet cafes in most shopping areas which are expensive.

Crime and Scams :

Thailand is the land of bartering for everything, and there’s plenty of it, as they also specialize in selling knock off versions of Rolexes and everything else. Take care bringing the goods back home, their illegal…pack in bag securely.

Stay on top of the currency exchanges, watch for bogus folded bills, etc…pay in their money for everything. The cabbies will constantly try to take to a buddy’s store to get a commission. Give a specific street address when you tell your destination. Don’t say this store, or this mall, etc. If they try to scam you and play the no English game, tell them “tourist police.” Suddenly their memory gets much better.

Be aware that a lot of the girls here haven’t been girls their whole lives. “Ladyboys”, or transvestites, whether pre- or post surgery are commonly found walking the streets looking for the naive. We’re talking a complete sex change. Just look for the giveaway signs..they are taller, w/big feet and big hands. They thrive on fooling you.

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