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21-23 Edinboro St, Boston; (617) 482-7328 Mine wishes he knew the Chinese expression for a dive,  because that would aptly describe the atmosphere of this restaurant. Remember, though, that such unassuming places often serve the most authentic food; the crowds of local families cheerfully munching away offer proof enough.

Mine began with Peking ravioli, six huge fried crescents, juicy on the inside, for $3. 95. The menu is heavy on the classics, such as chicken with cashew nuts ($6. 95); only a bit more for most beef specials, like a beef and vegetable stir fry for $7. 50. And of course there are the ubiquitous fried rice, chow mein, and lo mein dishes, all $4 to $5.

Discerning diners, however, will also spot more unusual offerings, like beef with bitter melon for $7. 50, and a handful of sea conch dishes, each $8. 95. If you're the adventurous type, the staff at People's Cafeteria are famous for their insider suggestions;

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