Kelly’s Roast Beef US Map & Phone & Address

410 Revere Beach Blvd. Revere; (617)284-9129


In the distance, a crowd of people ambles along Revere Beach, converging purposefully upon a comer location. Some sort of waterfront revival meeting? No, it’s just a typical evening outside Kelly’s, the stop along this stretch of historic honky-tonk.

The building with the jolly, blade-wielding butcher astride the roof only does take-out but there are plenty of tables under a pavilion just across the street Work your way through the eager crowd to the windows, and you’ll find those famous roast beef sandwiches in two sizes, small ($3.25) and large ($4.59) more accurately described as hefty and immobilizing. There’s no pretension here: just a big pile of beef on a bun, warm, juicy, and delicious.

Add some terrific steak fries, available in three sizes. Mine unwittingly passed on the small ($1.25) in favor of the medium ($2.50); hoooo-boy. Potato farmers broke their backs gathering that order. Fortunately, there were enough seagulls around to help finish up.

Other artery-clogging goodies include fish and chips for $5.50, and cheeseburgers for $1.95. All of the foods here are made with fresh ingredients, never frozen or made up in advance; and it’s obvious that nothing around here lasts long enough to get old. Afterwards if you have room stroll further up the strip to Kelly’s Kremes for something sweet, like a Banana Bucket, the perfect finale. Kelly’s is open for lunch and dinner every day of the year except Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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