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Pueblo Chemical Depot, Pueblo

The Pueblo Chemical Depot is located approximately 15 miles east of Pueblo, two miles north of the Arkansas River. It was first used as a chemical weapons depot in the 1950s and currently is used to store over 2,500 tons of mustard gas contained in various weapons. The total area occupied by the depot is over 23,000 acres.

What’s There: There are hundreds of thousands of 105mm cartridges and 155mm projectiles loaded with mustard gas here, along with smaller quantities of 4.2-inch cartridges. As the name implies, mustard gas produces burn-line “blistering” injuries when inhaled or when it makes contact with exposed skin.

Key Facilities: There are over 900 storage “igloos” at the depot. The chemical weapons are currently stored in a little over 100 igloos located away from public view on the north side of the depot.

Getting a Look Inside: No public tours are currently offered of the depot itself. However, the Pueblo Chemical Depot Community Outreach Office is located at 301 North Main Street, Suite 306B, in downtown Pueblo and has information and documents about the depot and the chemicals stored there.

Getting There: The main entrance is located at 45825 East State Highway 96, east of downtown Pueblo.

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