Pushkar Camel Fair Indian Train Journeys Jodhpur to Ajmer Ajmer to Udaipur Rajasthan India

And here’s Jodhpur railway station, I apologise for the noise, I don’t know how these people are sleeping through it, or how long are they have been sleeping.

But doesn’t that look pretty for a railway station hey? It’s early morning in Jodhpur railway station, but doesn’t it look pretty? Some compensation for, getting up at half past five, small tuk-tuk drive, short tuk-tuk drive to the, railway station, which is looking very pretty, I’m not sure if it’s Diwali lights or it’s that the way it looks but, it’s quite pretty, and already at now six o’clock in the morning, lovely and busy. Just outside the railway station, there is people sleeping, everywhere, maybe waiting for trains, I’ve no idea, how they managed to sleep through this racket tuk-tuk, people, trains but I guess you get used to it hey. But there we go, my train is six fifty A now good news, it looks like I’m on platform one, gotta go through security, so I’ll turn the camera off.

Pushkar Camel Fair Indian Train Journeys Jodhpur to Ajmer Ajmer to Udaipur Rajasthan India Photo Gallery

And on to the platform, snacks for sale, fruit oh that’s a good idea, I’m gonna find me some banana’s, not too many, Let’s have er, three, “three piece, four piece?” uh four piece, twenty rupees, thank you very much. Four banana’s, twenty rupees, banana’s always make great road snacks. It’s dawn and it’s train time, at Jodhpur railway station, it’s a, considering it’s like six am in the morning, it is incredibly busy.

I haven’t seen a single train yet, and my train is about fifteen, running about fifteen minutes late, so I’ve just wandered up here, a nice quiet area, to see if I get a nice picture of a train coming in while I, watch the dawn over there, the far side. Got some bananas for breakfast, and today I’m off to Ajmer, which is the closest railway station, to a place called Pushkar, where, they have the world’s largest camel fair, which should be commencing about now. So, I’ve had a few relaxing days in Jodhpur which has been a great place, very, very little hassle, honest tuk-tuk drivers, nice food, good scenery, an amazing castle, that overlooks the whole city, that illuminates at night, it’s been really great.

I’ve still, got up far too early and gone to bed far too late, tried to pack too much in, so I didn’t really get much rest, but I did have a great time. Anyway, I’ve got I think five or six hours on this train, maybe I can get an extra power nap in. And this, should be my train, now all I gotta do is find the right carriage which I think, I’m the wrong end of the train for, looking for AC.

Still haven’t really organized, how, to wait at a railway platform, at the right place to find my carriage. AC First, this looks likely, has to be mine, let’s go and have a look. No stickers left on the outside, that looks about right, heading that way, I don’t wanna go.

AC First, oh, or depending on which way it’s going, let’s, hop on here, thank you. Oh dear, let’s find, a seat. That one’s, been slept in, that one is locked, this one appears to be, locked, and, locked, okay all these doors appear to be locked, no idea where I’m supposed to be.

There’s people sleeping, oh so dark, put some lights on, and here we are. Here we are folks, I hope I’m in the right place, I’ll find out at some point. Good news, I found somebody official looking who had a clipboard, bit of paper and a tag saying ‘Railways’, showed him my ticket he says, yes I’m on the right train, and yes I’m in the right compartment.

So, I can sit back and relax now, second thing I must do, okay not second thing because, obviously I’m gonna eat something because I haven’t had breakfast yet, so I left the hotel far too early for breakfast, had to wake somebody up to actually get out, even though I told them I was leaving. I didn’t have any breakfast, got a tuk-tuk to the railway station, so first thing I’m gonna do when I settle in, is have some breakfast of bananas, biscuits and water. I wonder if they serve tea or anything on this train? anyway I’ll find out, next when somebody comes around, I must find out what time, the train arrives in Ajmer, because this train goes on to, Jaisalmer, which is, is much farther down the line, and I’ve gotta go for Ajmer, where I then take a train, a tuk-tuk or a rickshaw or a taxi to Pushkar, because the train doesn’t actually go to Pushkar.

It’s going to be quite interesting because the first place I’ve stayed at doesn’t have a railway station. With any luck, I’ll get a compartment to myself again, I do have a plug socket, so, I shall probably be setting up the computer, after breakfast, and getting some more ging done, so you guys, can keep up with the trip. Well, thanks for joining me on the journey, I hope you’re, having a great day, and I hope that these posts, encourage you, to think about the broader world, and go out there and explore.

If you’re happy to stay at home and just join me on my adventures, that’s fine as well, remember to hit the comment button, give us a big thumbs up if you’re enjoying it, and please feel free to comment. Tell me about, where you live, tell me about what you think of my travels and what you’d like to see. As always, it’s a joy to have you along with me and I thank you very much, for joining me on my adventures, because although I’m travelling alone, which I have no objection to, it’s really nice to know that you guys are there too, so thank you very much, and have a wonderful day, as I, chug off on the slow train to, Ajmer and Pushkar, to see, a Carmel fair.

Goodbye Jodhpur, thank you for my great visit, see you next time, whenever that may be. Oh, another train overtaking us, slowly, slowly, hello driver. And there we are, Ajmer, we’re off the train in Ajmer.

A lot of the station is down there but a lot of people are walking this way so, let’s see if there’s an exit up here, or maybe just a local’s way out, I don’t know, as long as I don’t have to climb over the railway, I’m sure I’ll be okay, now let’s find my lift. Oh hang on, looks like an exit there actually, here we go, yep I can see tuk-tuk drivers waiting. Now when you get to Pushkar, there’ll be lots of people wanting to give you a lift as usual, and they usually six, six hundred to a thousand, obviously to see what they can get, but, if you go to the, little OLA, store here, it’s like an app, like GrabTaxi, three hundred to three hundred and fifty, you might have to wait a few minutes for your taxi.

So I’ve ordered that, it will be about ten minutes, and then it’s three hundred to three hundred and fifty max, for a ride into Pushkar. Made it to Pushkar, it’s about a, thirty minute ride, it cost me four hundred, pesos, pesos? four hundred rupees. Nice dance, now, somewhere down here is the hotel, Rising Star, there’s the sign, let’s push the door and see what happens.

“What are you doing there? okay stay time yea, yea, yea”. Oh yea there we got another sign, Hotel Rising Star, thank you, I’ve turned left, there she is, Hotel Rising Star. Hey, want a selfie? oops he wanted a bit more than a selfie.

I’m down on the ghats, in Pushkar, right in the middle of, Pushkar, you will find this lake, which again it’s a sacred lake, you bathe in it, to get cleansed. And the ghats, although it’s quite a small lake, are all around this lake, it’s absolutely fantastic, as you can see the sun is setting behind me. There’s such an almost celebration atmosphere, I don’t know if you can see, what’s going on behind me over here, if not I’ll show you some footage.

Look they’re making patterns out of flowers and coloured stuff, putting lights out all over this part here which I’m hoping is for the celebration later, which I will then share with you. It’s, what a lovely introduction, to Pushkar, so gentle and beautiful, it’s, people are friendly, the atmosphere is happy, nobody harasses you at all, I mean I’ve been wandering around here, there’s a few other tourists. Nobody asked me or bothered me for anything, apart from reminding me to take my shoes off, because nobody is wearing shoes down here, you’re not supposed to, sacred ground.

So I’m gonna spend the evening here, enjoy the sunset, and show you what happens. Alright, it’s absolutely beautiful down here, you see the lights behind me? the lights on the steps, the Aarti ceremony is taking place. There’s all these beautiful drawings and designs and flowers, with little fires beside them, let me just give you a look around, real like party atmosphere, it’s really pleasant.

Everybody busy admiring the art, just seeing what’s there, and still there’s somebody coming up, hey have a selfie with me, just busy looking around, I mean just look at some of this, isn’t that fantastic? I watched them do this by hand to put it together piece by piece, it’s all coloured bits of sand. Morning, morning, “morning”. And I made it to the Pushkar fair, lots of things for sale, the usual things snacks, teddy bears, earrings, cables, no thank you, pictures, tattoos, henna, beads, pans, knives, patties, you name it, it’s here.

Now let’s go in and see what’s going on. wow And, camels, after all it is a camel fair. What would it be like without camels? and this is, the largest camel fair in the world, and I think these are for camel rides, where you can sit in the back of a luxury cart and have a camel pull you along, which believe me is a lot comfortable than riding on a camel.

Let’s have a look around, here we’re into camel dancing, oh that’s a pretty camel, alright who’s up next? whoa, its beautiful hey. Wow, look at that, on the neck there, shaving the fur. “Hello”, thank you guys, “thank you”.

And of course there’s horses for those who love horses, look at this beautiful white, white horses, wow, looking so beautiful. Beautiful. Look at that, wow, so well behaved, white, white these are the, most sought after horses in India, you can see they are a special breed, and they are white, white, white, the whiter the better, a bit like how people want to be.

And you can see if you look at their ears, their ears are quite unique. You can see how their ears are turned in with that tip, at the top. Lots of beautiful spices, if you don’t know where I am, Pushkar fair.

There’s a lot going on, it’s quite fantastic, as you can see lots of camels, it is after all a camel fair, at the moment we’re reading the camel dancing, there’s been a three legged race, there’s been a few parades, but it’s getting quite hot, it sounds familiar doesn’t it? But yea, sun is blazing down, but as you can see lots of people, lots of camels, most have been very friendly and very well behaved, I’m not the greatest fan of camels but, you know they do dress them up nicely, and they’re doing some dances for us. Mixed reactions on how, what people think, they want to see it but they wonder how cruel it is, not sure, if you know, let me know. I’ll be back here this evening, to show you what happens at night, and first thing in the morning when apparently a lot of the real genuine traders come.

At the moment the day stuff tends to be a bit touristy, so, check back with you later, as long as I don’t get eaten by a camel. Okay, time to take a break and get a drink, I am parched, so, gonna head over here and grab a coke, seats in the shade, seats in the shade, let’s go in there. And I had a stop for a drink, which is very refreshing and much needed, and met a couple of local photographers who gave me some hints and tips, always great to have, and what they told me, where I was this morning, where I was having a drink with them, a coke, I just hasten to add, was actually the fair ground, and where I needed to be was behind the fairground, which is, well basically I’ll show you the footage, is where all the, say hello to this camel, hi do you want a selfie? oops, he wanted a bit more than a selfie, have to be quick.

So its, yes thankfully I didn’t get bitten by the camel, which is where all the, actual traders and the things going on, so I just had a little wander around there, most people are sleeping at the moment, but there’s lots to see, so definitely on my list of places to come back this evening. There’s also the camel parade ground, which also is not in the fairground, which is also somewhere behind here, so I’m going out to find that. I know it’s hot in the day, not to take photographs but have a look at it so I know where to go this evening.

Then I’m gonna come back, maybe four o’clock-ish, good time before sunset, now the tip they gave me, that is really a good idea, is to hire one of these, now not to ride the camel but hire the cart of the camel, who will then take a, which will then take you around all the sites of the fair, so you’re going to find where everything is, and photograph from the back of a cart, not riding on a camel. Camels are very uncomfortable, so that’s what I’m gonna do, in the meantime, so many photo opportunities, I’m gonna run out of SD cards, and batteries, so, it’s time to go back and recharge everything. And, I’m lost, somewhere in the back streets of Pushkar, came out the market, heading back to my hotel to put batteries on charge, I desperately need it.

Wandered through some back streets, took some photographs, wandered another way, hey how are you doing? and now I’m sort of lost. It’s good, found my way back to the guesthouse, the hotel, I haven’t had anything to eat yet, so that’s going to be on my list of priorities, but first go back to the room, plug batteries in, okay, see you later. And, namaste, a really beautiful view over the lake, wow, and there’s the market as well.

Okay turn the camera round manually, Okay, found a place with a nice view, and it’s nice and quiet. Oh wow, thank you very much, mmhhh this looks good, cashew nut curry, with, fluffy light naan bread, oh, and I asked for not at all spicy, so let’s see how it goes, aw this is the fluffiest naan bread I’ve had yet. Oh, that is nice, come have a closer look, there you go, cashew nut curry, and fluffy, fluffy naan bread, oh, and of course my accompanying drinks, mmhhh, let’s eat.

No idea what is cooking here, but it’s smoking that’s for sure, it’s, no, still no idea what it is, but it’s in big pans, again if anybody can tell me what it is, or what it’s gonna be when it’s cooked, that’s before cooking, oh my goodness, and that’s after cooking. Okay, somebody tell me what this is, and what you do with it, presumably you eat it. Well I don’t know how well you can see me in this light, but I went behind the fair, for this evening for the sunset, where all the camels and where all the people who bring the camels stay, it’s quite a site, there was a lot of tourists mingling in, there was also quite a bit of hassle, especially from young kids, so always coming “money, money, money”, and jumping in front of the camera, I also got chased off by a few people, I was taking their camels apparently, it was no no, my camel you must pay me money”, but not a real hassle, but yea quite amazing, much more hectic, as you can see from the footage now.

Well it was fantastic to go behind, now it’s got dark and guess what? I’m a little bit lost, just a little bit, but I can see some big ferris wheels over there which are near the fairground, so, I must be close, so I’m gonna try and wend my way towards that, I also reckon, if I follow the trail of camels, they will lead me somewhere. and failing everything, I could just, flag a camel down and get a ride. Okay, let’s go to the fairground, and see what’s happening there.

I have no clue if you can see me, I can’t really see very much, I’m lost and confused amongst the, horse enclosure, been wending my way between horses and people, and nobody seemed bothered, or seemed to be harassed, I have managed to find the arena, all I’ve got to do now, is work out how to get to the arena, but, first, I’ll go to, the fair. Whoa, it’s been a fun packed evening so far, as usual, everybody’s really happy, now I’m going in to the big main stadium arena, to see what is going on there, there was something happening about o’clock which is now. I’ve been to see camels and horses, the fair, lots of things there oops, tattoos and things, now heading into the arena, and standing on somebody on the way, find a spot here and see what is going on.

Wow, what a show that was really great, been to the fairground at the Pushkar camel, oh my goodness a car coming straight for me, “hi”, hi. He nearly ran me over, and then said hi, and, singing, dancing fantastic. Now this may or may not come as a surprise to you, as I wander around India, but I’m lost.

Okay, one minute he’s feeding the pigeons, in his robes, the next minute he is on the mobile, I don’t know, organising his supper or something. It’s one of the many things you’re gonna love about India, it truly is, an amazing country around every corner. Sitting with that beautiful view, right in the middle of the city, just down there, is, I think a green heron.

Sitting there so beautifully, look at that, look at him, fishing patiently and quietly, that is stunning. And that is the town of Pushkar, a beautiful small town that bursts into life, during the camel fair, so I was really lucky to be there at that time, I did actually, manipulate my dates so I could be there during the camel fair, which was really brilliant, and it was so nice to go to all the hustle of the camel fair and all the activity and all the excitement, and then being able to retreat to this lake just right in the middle of Pushkar. Now this is a prominent Hindu pilgrimage town, and the lake, is supposed to have appeared, it’s a holy lake, it appeared when Brahma dropped a lotus flower, and this lake has been there ever since, so it’s a very holy lake, so you must, take your shoes off and walk around in bare feet when you go round there.

A lot of people come and bathe in the waters, and you’re not supposed to take photographs of them while they are bathing, so there’s no photos there, and the people, they are just gentle, and, you know you can sit there in the evenings, and, just watch the sunset over the surrounding hills, and breathe in the fresh atmosphere. The people as usual as all Indian people are, absolutely wonderful and kind and friendly, also when you wander just off the lakes, there was these streets, with full of bazaars and places to shop, places to have snacks and drinks as usual the exceptional Indian food, which I’m slowly experimenting with a bit more each time, getting a little bit more spicy getting my spicy taste buds in, although I still really can’t take hot spicy stuff. And, I enjoyed my time in Pushkar, but as usual, I don’t have lots of time, I could spend ages here, like I could in many of the other places, and I’m sure I missed so many things, that I’ll just have to put on my list to come back and see.

But now, it’s gonna be time to move on. There we go, I’ll just give you, a little view around Ajmer railway station, from the outside, so you can see what’s going on. tuk-tuk drivers, taxis gather, and then heading into, I wonder if I can get through this gap, my bottom is big in this, oh ah here we go.

There we go, and, into the railway station we go, welcome to Ajmer railway station. People waiting for their early morning train, Okay, where is my train? I think that’s it, Jaipur, oh it’s gone off the screen. It’s railway station time and I’m at the railways station in Ajmer, waiting to catch my train to Udaipur.

I think it will be coming from that way, I’m not sure though looks like it’s gonna be quite a busy train. But this is the way to get to Pushkar, there’s no railway station in Pushkar, there’s no railway station in Pushkar, you have to go to Ajmer, which is where I am now, it’s the closest railway station, and, from Ajmer you get a local taxi, it’s about thirty to forty minutes ride and about four hundred to five hundred, Indian rupees for a cab, it takes up to people and luggage, and takes about thirty to forty minutes to then get to Pushkar. It means you don’t have the train horns like that in Pushkar, but it does mean you’ve got the extra hop and when you are going in the morning, I had to get up a bit early, arrange my taxi to get here, I arranged it the night before, and then, obviously catch the train from Ajmer, so that’s how you get to Pushkar.

And here comes my train, all I gotta do is find the carriage, and I think this is my carriage, and it seems to be all these people’s carriage as well. Try not to get mown down, make some space for us, let’s join the people. C, seat, it’s a general free for all, I think that’s B, I’m C, no this is C.

I tell you what we’ll do, I’ll just walk a bit further, and go in the top end. And I’m looking for seat thirty, one got a lot of tourists on this one, let’s go. May I squeeze past, oh let’s go past and get out of the way, here we go, okay through the first road block.

Found a seat, no more bags, next stop. I have arrived in Udaipur, nice five hour train journey in, AC chair, class, chugging along, had a good chat on the way, passed the time easily. It’s now just after lunch time and guess what? I’m hungry, but first I gotta find, my way out of the station as usual, get a, rickshaw to my hotel, then I’ll get some food.

Now to find me an auto rickshaw, yep, okay, we just show the addresses, please come. Out of the station, found an auto rickshaw, negotiated a price, now it’s time to explore, Udaipur. It’s quite warm out here, the train was airconed, but it’s quite warm out here but looking quite beautiful.

Can see some mountains in the background, apparently there are some lakes here as well, well, let’s go out and explore, see what it’s like. Hello, well, welcome to my new home in Udaipur, here we go, nice, clean, very friendly people as usual, already got recommendations of where to go and eat, they did tell me what it was, but it’s Indian food that is special to this area, so, will I be adventurous to try that out? will I survive if it burns me? I hope not. I’m sort of getting used to the spicy food here, and then I get a spicy dish and realise, oh I’ve got a long way to go.

So here’s my lovely room, it’s, nice, clean and comfortable I’ve even got television in the corner, but I won’t be using that. Most importantly I’ve got a day bed, for napping on, and, a grand fan, it’s, so nice in here even in the heat of the day it’s actually, pleasantly cool already, so I’ll have no problem sleeping here, and a nice clean bathroom, and we are, set. So, change of clothes, quick wash, pardon me, unpack, and then, get some food, and explore, Udaipur, let’s go.

Thank you guys, for your support and following me, hopefully you’re enjoying these posts, it means a lot to me. Thank you very much, mmhh it smells good, korma, of some kind, and a lassi. Good?, not spicy? no, thank you.

Nice fluffy naan as well, I didn’t realise how hungry I am. and this is so tasty, I’m not sure if i’m eating this right, spoon from here, onto here, and then, I don’t know. If I’m not eating this right somebody let me know.

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