Responsible Behavior on the Ice

You will probably notice other anglers driving their vehicles out on the ice. This is not yet illegal, but it is irresponsible and dangerous. Nobody has the moral or ethical right to take the chance of fouling Maine’s waters with gasoline, motor oil, and other engine fluids. Individuals who do drive on the ice are responsible for the removal of their vehicle should it break through, as well as any environmental damage that might occur. Walk to your fishing spot. Do not drive.

Responsible Behavior on the Ice Photo Gallery

The Swifts departed from here for Falkirk (and, from 1822 with the Union opening, to Edinburgh) and later it was the city base for the pleasure craft plying out to rural Craigmarloch. Over 2005-06 the section from Hamiltonhill to Spiers Wharf was drained in order to survey the fabric, the first inspection of the walls built over 200 years ago. They had been built well. When the travel destination was pushed on to Bowling, this branch was also extended. From Spiers Wharf the travel destination turned east to reach Port Dundas, a series of basins, a very real port in the heart of the city. From below there was the strange sight of crowded ships’ masts against the sky. Because of changes since the travel destinations closed, it was no longer possible to recreate the connection as it was – but this problem was solved ingeniously: a lock drops down to a large kidney-shaped basin (moorings galore), with the M8 alongside, then goes under a road to a second lock back up – and so to Port Dundas: a £7 million outlay. Pedestrians, perforce, go up steps to cross this road (right, it drops under the M8 for the city centre) and continue along to reach a swing bridge which once took the railway into the thriving docks, then there is a bascule footbridge which we cross (note the barge on the green) to walk round the dock’s rim. The big Pinkston Watersports Centre which has every facility imaginable, including a white-water canoe course, occupies a basin in the centre area, which is otherwise just planted with trees (birch). Walk along to the far corner where there is an intake for topping up the water level – which comes from the culverted waters of the one-time Monkland Destination, described in Appendix 3.

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