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Some impressions before starting my tour. Shinta Mani Wild is an incredibly luxurious tented jungle camp ft. Shinta Mani Wild offers complimentary transfers. The resort is a 3 hours’ drive from Phnom Penh and a 2,5 hours’ drive from Sihanoukville. Snacks and drinks are offered during the journey. Helicopter transfers are also available. There are two ways to arrive at the lodge:. By jeep or – the most exhilarating experience – by a combination of jeep & zip line. This is Cambodia’s longest zip line (400 m or The zip line crisscrosses seemingly never-ending stretches of the jungle. represents National Geographic’s iconic logo (more on that later). The second zip line departs from a yellow structure. The lodge embodies National Geographic’s core vakids.

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Authenticity, enrichment, and dedication to preserving our planet’s diversity. Guests at the lodge connect with the destination. They play part in activities that safeguard the environment for the future. This is the property’s sole restaurant It serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner (shown later). Shinta Mani Wild is the brainchild of Bill Be. Bensley is an acclaimed designer and architect, based in Bangkok. Bensley bought the resort land at an auction. His prime goal was (and is) to save the area from poaching, mining, and logging. For this project, Bensley joined forces with homegrown entrepreneur Sokun Chanpreet. The lodge features a tastefully eccentric decor. It is stocked with expensive antiques, dark wood furniture, and remarkable curios.

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In front of the lodge is a small parking lot The vintage jeeps are used to transfer guests around the lodge. The tents are set along a 1.5 km (1 mi) stretch of river Some of them are located directly over the river’s rapids. The tent has an enormous porch. The deck functions as an outdoor living area. There’s nothing to worry about as all tents enjoy complete privacy. All tents are raised above the ground. It allows the natural migratory movements of the forest inhabitants below the1. Shinta Mani Wild offers an all inclusive experience. The room rate covers all food and drinks consumed, and unlimited spa treatments.

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It houses a bedroom with an open-plan bathroom. The bathroom is equipped with:. Double vanity and enclosed shower & toilet cubicle. The tent is a true design extravaganza. One of its walls features shelves stocked with antiques and travel books. The tent features an enormous king. It is handmade of hardwood, leather and hand-beaten steel. The tent features an enormous king size bed. The tents are not air conditioned. They get a cool breeze via the open walls (in addition to ceiling fans).

Let’s return to Shinta Mani Wild’s Headquarters. Behind the bar is a magnificent black-bottom swimming pool. There’s a small wooden terrace next to the poo It features one row of sun loungers (pool service is provided and all drinks. The pool is set in the jungle’s lush greenery It is shaped like an enormous bathtub. This is the spa’s intimate reception pavilion. The spa’s treatment menu celebrates Cambodia with chemical-free tonics. There are only two spa treatment rooms.

They are set high up in the tree canopy amid dramatic natural boul. I’ll now show what a typical day at the lodge looks like. Each morning, a hearty a la carte breakfast is served at the Headquarters. After breakfast, it’s time for the morning activity. One of Shinta Mani Wild’s signature activities is joining an anti-pd lhin. One of Shinta Mani Wild’s signature activities is joining an anti-poaching pe. The rangers motorcycle through the area. They protect animals from poaching, remove snares and prevent illegal logging. The rangers motorcycle through the area They protect animals from poaching, remove snares and prevent.

The rangers also set camera traps. The cameras monitor the local populations of clouded leopards, sun bears, and elephants. Let’s return to the lodge for a delicious lunch. The anti-poach patrol takes 2-6 hours depending on what is found in the Forest. The boat trip along the waterways takes several hours. The highlight is a stop at a magnificent white-sand river beach. Guests can also enjoy a truly wild BBQ upon request. It’s time to return to the lodge for a delicious dinner. The sun sets as we approach the camp (pure romance). The set dinner menus rotate each evening. They feature (among others) a dumpling-themed dinner and a curry night. The staff accompanies guests in the dark. It’s time for a good night’s rest after an adventure-filled day in the Cambodian wilderness.

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