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For example, proper public conduct in Argentina, where etiquette is taken seriously, includes:

Addressing people by a title (Mr. or Mrs.), and when shaking hands, inclining the head to show respect.

When eating, hands should always be above the table.

When approaching an official such as a policeman or customs official, greet him before asking a question.

Using a toothpick is bad manners.

When eating with others and it is necessary to blow one’s nose or clear the throat, excuse oneself and do it out of the hearing of others.

For women to cross their legs in public is considered unladylike.

Hands should never be placed on the hips.

Waiters are called by raising a hand with the index finger extended.

Improper conduct includes:

When greeting from a distance, never call out. Raising a hand or smiling are appropriate.

Women do not talk to strangers without an introduction.

Affection between a man and woman is not shown in public.

Later on, the head of the colony’s administration became twofold, as in 1705 formally in 1719 the military governor was joined by an intendant, a delegate of the French government. Rio de Janeiro Subway Map Although the governor focused on military concerns and the intendant on financial matters, they shared in leading the administration and thereby controlled each other. Before the first intendant arrived, military conflict with Spanish and English forces occupied the governor’s attention. Even though the land was ceded by the Spanish to the French in the Treaty of Ryswick in 1697, the outbreak of the War of the Spanish Succession in 1702 revived fighting between the European powers in the Caribbean, until the Treaty of Utrecht was signed 1713. In the following years, the focus shifted from the military to the economic development of Saint-Domingue.

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