Sa Coma Travel Guide for Tourist, Map of Sa Coma

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Map of Sa Coma

Sa Coma is a beautiful and serene place to visit. Located in the Cordillera Blanca mountain range, this small town has plenty to offer tourists, including a stunning view of the Andes.

The town is also home to several churches and monasteries, as well as a natural hot springs. The surrounding countryside is dotted with charming villages, making it easy for tourists to explore the area.

If you are planning a trip to Sa Coma, be sure to read our travel guide below. It will outline everything you need to know in order to make the most of your visit.

Happy travels!

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Why Sa Coma?

Sa Coma is a beautiful destination for tourists with its crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. The municipality has many attractions that make it a great place to visit, including the Sa Coma waterfall, the botanical garden, and the San Pedro monastery.

If you’re looking for a perfect getaway, Sa Coma is definitely the place to be.

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Sa Coma is a small town in the province of Burgos, Castile and León, located about 140 kilometers from Burgos and 25 kilometers from the provincial capital. The town is located on the left bank of the River Arlanza, at an altitude of 680 meters above sea level. Sa Coma has a population of 1,500 inhabitants.

The town has two hotels: the Hotel de la Santa Cruz and the Hotel San Francisco. There are also several pensions. There are also some bars and restaurants that serve typical dishes from Burgos and Castile and León. The location is ideal for visiting nearby villages such as Olvera de la Frontera, La Palma de Montesinos, Tres Picos de Europa or Villanueva de la Cañada.

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The main attractions of Sa Coma are the two churches, the castle and the surrounding villages.

The town’s first church was built on a small hill in 1036 by Bishop Rodrigo. The present Gothic-style building was erected between 1253 and 1292, with additions made in the 17th century. It is dedicated to Saint Catherine of Alexandria and is one of Sa Coma’s most popular tourist destinations.

The smaller church on the opposite side of the square was built in 1523 by Bishop Jorge de Meneses. It is dedicated to Saint John the Baptist and is used for religious ceremonies only.

The castle dominates the skyline of Sa Coma and dates from the 13th century. It was originally a fortress built to protect the town from attacks by bandits and pirates. Today, it is a historic monument open to tourists who can visit its dungeons, Armoury and Royal Apartments.

Nearby are several medieval villages that offer a glimpse into life in centuries past. These include San Miguel de Paredes (with its famous Baroque church), Santa Ana de Paredes, La Cruz de la Viña, Nuevo Baztán, El Bue.

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Sa Coma is a small town located in the middle of a nature reserve, surrounded by mountains and forests. It’s easy to get to from Quito, as there are several buses that pass through the town every day.

If you’re looking for some peace and quiet, Sa Coma is definitely the place for you! The town is only populated during the week, so you’ll have the whole town to yourself. You can walk around or take a taxi if you want to explore more. The main attractions in Sa Coma are the waterfall and the cave. The waterfall is a great place to take a refreshing bath, while the cave is home to some interesting stalactites and stalagmites.

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Weather Conditions

Sa Coma is located in the Andes Mountains at an altitude of 3,500 meters. The weather conditions in Sa Coma can be harsh and changeable. Summers are generally hot and dry, while winters are cold and wet.

During the winter, it is possible to see snow on the mountain peaks. The average temperature during the summer is around 33 degrees Celsius but can reach up to 39 degrees Celsius. In January, the average temperature is around -5 degrees Celsius.

The main newspaper in Sa Coma is El Comercio. There are also a few internet cafes that offer free Wi-Fi service as well as some restaurants and bars.

The airport in Sa Coma is located about 10 kilometers from the city center. Taxis can be found throughout the city but beware of prices as they can vary greatly depending on the time of day and traffic conditions.

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One of the main attractions in Sa Coma is its shopping district. The streets are lined with souvenir and handicraft shops, as well as restaurants, cafés and bars. There are also a number of smaller boutiques where you can find unique items not found anywhere else in the town.

The most popular shopping district is centered around Rua dos Mercadores, which runs north-south just east of the main square. This is where you’ll find the biggest variety of stores, from high-end fashion to discount department stores.

To get a better overview of Sa Coma’s shopping district, take a map and explore each of the major streets: Rua dos Mercadores, Rua das Flores, Rua dos Jardins, Rua do Mercado and Calçada da Saudade (named after the Brazilian singer who used to live in Sa Coma). You can also check out our interactive map to see all the shops in Sa Coma!

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Restaurants and Dining

Sa Coma has a range of restaurants and cafes for tourists to enjoy. Some of the best places to eat in Sa Coma include:

– La Casa de la Abuela: This restaurant is popular for its traditional Mexican dishes. It’s located on Calle Alonso Bravo, just off the main square.

– Taqueria El Charro: This restaurant is well known for its tacos and burritos. It’s located on Avenida Universidad, near the University of Guanajuato.

– La Bodega del Conde: This wine bar offers a wide range of Spanish wines, snacks, and desserts. It’s located on Calle San Jeronimo, close to the main square.

– Cafe el Garajonense: This cafe is known for its coffee, pastries, and sandwiches. It’s located near the top of Cerro Garajonense, one of Sa Coma’s highest points.

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Outdoors Activities

If you’re looking for an interesting outdoor activity to do in Sa Coma, there are plenty of options available. Activities like hiking, biking, and camping can be enjoyed by all levels of adventurers.

For those who want a little more guidance in finding the right activity for them, we put together this Sa Coma travel guide with information on some of the more popular destinations. The map below also includes detailed information on what to expect when visiting each spot.

We hope you enjoy your time in Sa Coma and find the perfect activity to keep you busy!

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