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In 2006 former president Rene Preval was reelected to office, San Jose Metro Map a position he continued to hold until he was replaced following an election held in early 2011. San Jose Metro Map During much of his time in office, protests and demonstrations continued. Following the January 2010 earthquake, the government response was extremely weak and disorganized. Tensions once again began to grow to what may be a breaking point. During its two centuries of independence, Haiti has rarely enjoyed political peace and stability. Governments have come and gone, more often by force than by ballot.

What immediately followed was a series of validating questions. The validation process is when a specific question is asked several times, in different orders, to determine if the K2 response remains consistent with each question. If responses are consistent, it confirms the likelihood of an intelligent spirit interaction. In this case, Lorena, Jessica and Kat were fascinated when their validating questions were confirmed. It seemed a communication had begun.

Lorena asked if the spirit could make a noise. It was strangely coincidental that the loud grind of the sump pump suddenly began. Lorena, chuckling and asked if the spirit had made the pump turn on. The K2 spiked again.

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