Buses can be crowded at peak hour when office workers are commuting. Off-peak, if one bus is crowded, the following one may not be. Bus drivers are compensated on numbers of passengers so they race along the road, competing to get to the next bus stop first.

And remember, our comments on public courtesy on the Metro also apply on buses. Stand up for children and old people but do not delay in sitting down in any seat which becomes vacant, otherwise you will never get a seat.

The bus terminal at Luohu is situated a five minute walk from the border station, just past the Luohu Commercial Centre. It is clearly marked but if you can’t see it just ask any station staff or security people. If you don’t speak Chinese, they will understand you more clearly if you ask for bus-ey an approximation of the Cantonese word for bus, which is easy for English speakers to remember.

At Huanggang the bus station is to your left and up the stairs to the pedestrian overpass as you come out of the border station. The good thing about catching buses from Luohu or Huanggang is that they are at the start of the line and you will more easily find a seat. You can also ask the conductor about your destination before the bus starts and more people get on.


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