EXIT: GETTING FROM SHENZHEN CBD TO HONG KONG INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Many hotels have direct buses to the airport, via Huanggang Checkpoint or Shenzhen Bay Bridge checkpoint. Otherwise you can take a taxi to Huanggang Checkpoint in central Futian or to the Shenzhen Bay Bridge checkpoint further east, then get a minivan or airport bus to Hong Kong airport. At both checkpoints you buy your ticket for transport to Hong Kong airport before you go through customs.


Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport is situated 35 km from downtown Shenzhen between the estuary of the Pearl River and the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway. There is an immigration checkpoint for overseas travellers entering China. It is China’s fourth busiest airport, mainly serving domestic flights. Even if you have no intention of flying, you should make a point of going to marvel at the white shell of the terminal. The building, designed by Italian architects Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas, is a curving steel and glass roof with tens of thousands of small hexagonal skylights bathing its interior in light. The slender elegant white steel columns supporting the roof remind us of the mosque at Cordoba, Spain.

Chinese domestic aviation is very competitive which means that it is a lot cheaper to fly to destinations within China from Shenzhen than it is from Hong Kong. This has led to Shenzhen becoming effectively Hong Kong’s domestic airport so transport connections are fast and convenient.

If you’re arriving from somewhere else in China, there’s a fair chance that this is where you’ll arrive. There are twenty or thirty flights a day from Beijing and Shanghai and direct flights to just about anywhere in China. Shenzhen Airlines, China’s fifth largest carrier and largest private airline is based here but just about all of China’s main carriers are regulars at Shenzhen Airport.

International flights are less common and international visitors will probably arrive in Hong Kong. But, you can fly direct from Shenzhen to destinations such as Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Saigon, Bangkok and some Japanese destinations. International budget airlines that use Shenzhen Airports are Air Asia, Tiger Air and Silk Air.

Check-in procedures are quick and efficient. If you read Chinese, there is an automatic check-in machine. Just enter the number of your passport and follow instructions.

Shenzhen Airport Website:

We mentioned Shenzhen Airlines above. If you’re flying round China they go to most places and they’re good. Equipment is Boeing 737s and Airbus 321s. Service is good. Shenzhen Airlines has an interesting practice. Towards the end of the flight the service personnel lead the passengers in mass exercises. Even more interesting is that the passengers join in and clap after the performance. Book online. They have an excellent website.



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