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Old Town Sherwood

Late June

In the heart of the Willamette Valley, which was one of the earliest settled areas in the Northwest at the onset of America’s westward expansion in the nineteenth century, Sherwood boasts a rich and, at times, trying history—two fires, 1896 and 1911, severely damaged the then-burgeoning little community. At the time, Sherwood had recently seen its largest employer, a brickyard built and owned by four Portland businessmen, suddenly cease production after it had brought more than 100 jobs to the small town, and many supporting enterprises. At the time the brickyard opened in 1890, the little town out in the wooded countryside was called Smockville, named for and by entrepreneur and town founder, JC Smock, who, in 1885, laid out the first nine square blocks of what would become Sherwood.

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To this day, these blocks comprise Sherwood’s downtown district, which in the past fifteen years has undergone significant and rejuvenating revitalization. Happily situated at the doorstep to the Willamette Valley’s famous wine country, Historic Old Town Sherwood now boasts a variety of intriguing places to eat and imbibe, including 503 Uncorked, the local wine bar that hosts and sponsors the Sherwood Wine Festival held each summer.

This outdoor Saturday festival brings together a fine collection of local wineries, from longstanding favorites to little-known boutique wineries whose vintages are difficult to procure owing to limited production. Alongside excellent wines to please any palate, the festival also hosts several breweries and a variety of local food vendors, all in a relaxing atmosphere, and usually under a bright sunny sky, and always to the accompaniment of live music throughout the day. Modestly priced tickets (purchase on the event website or onsite) include a commemorative tasting glass. Launched in 2016, the Sherwood Wine Festival remains intimate, an appealing alternative to the numerous massively busy wine events around the region.

Medal winners at the intimate Sherwood Wine Festival.

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