Sightseeing Jodhpur Palace Market Rajasthan India

Spent the evening at the Clock Tower, got there before sunset. Got a nice seat on a little Café on the corner called Café Royal, where they serve excellent coffee and snacks and good company and information.

And I sat there watched the sunset, watched the Clock Tower light up and the market was buzzing, it’s mostly a local market although they do obviously cater for tourists as well. Evening. And it was full of life, well here let me show you.

Sightseeing Jodhpur Palace Market Rajasthan India Photo Gallery

Good morning from India, yep I’ve officially survived more than a week and actually doing well, really loving every minute of it. I’m in the City of Jodhpur, that’snot a bad view to wake up to, is it? Ordered my breakfast, wandered up to the rooftop, soaking in some of the sun’s rays which at the moment aren’t too hot but I can still feel the warmth in them. Sit down and enjoy the view of the Fort mmhh hazy, hazy today.

Whoa look at that right over the City of Jodhpur. Now today I don’t know if you can see it very well, the plan uh where is it in the haze? Where is it? I know it’s there somewhere, just just just just there is the palace and the gardens,so we’re gonna go and see them today, hopefully it will be nice and cool in the gardens. First I’m gonna enjoy my breakfast.

And out into the streets of Jodpur, as you can see once you wander off the main road, you got these little back alleys in the Old City, it’s lovely and quiet. It is quite early in the morning, it’s the best time to do exploring in India, it’s interesting people tend to get up when it’s hotter but I like to head out in the morning when it’s a bit cooler. Now I’m trying to go to the palace, who’s name again I can’t pronounce, it’s on one side of the City, one of the newest Palace’s in India.

I wanna get a rickshaw there, checked with my hotel, they said the price should be about rupees one way, so now to find a rickshaw and begin the challenge of negotiating a fair price. Rickshaws and drivers or Wallah s as they’re called, here we go. Hey, hi how are you doing? Hey how are you doing? There we go, little rickshaw wallahs, you okay? [Local kids] “Hello inaudible”, hey uhhmm yes uhhmm I want to go to the palace, [rickshaw driver] “Umaid Palace?, yes how much? [Rickshaw driver] “ rupees”.

? Ok let’s go. Got myself up to the Palace entrance, got my tuk-tuk, that was quite easy, quite a long journey rattling through the City, a rattley tuk-tuk as well. Now all I got to do is follow the people, find my way in, have a look through the Palace and I’ve agreed two hours and I’ll meet the tuk-tuk driver in the car park.

Ok welcome to the Sardar market, in the middle of Jodhpur. Very distinctive by this big Clock Tower right in the middle of the square. An I’ve got another lovely beautiful day, once again in India, to stroll around the market and see what is on offer.

“Secret magic lock, Taj Mahal magic lock”, Taj Mahal secret lock, look at that, “inaudible”, whatever lock you want this man’s got it. Where are you from? , UK, where are you from? “Me, from India” [laugh], pleasure to meet you. “I love my India”, it’s a beautiful country, and the people are really lovely, ” yeah”, thank you very much.

“You’re welcome sir”. Now, I spent my morning at the palace, got back to the Old City in Jodhpur, to the Clock Tower that you can see looming behind me and I’ve been recommended to the Royal Café at the Clock Tower, which should be (accroding to good ole Google maps), down here on the right. And it is time for.yep you guessed it, some food and drink, so let’s go see where it is.

Time to consult good old Google maps again and see if vaguely we’re in the right direction. Oh I don’t see anything; Oh I’m in entirely in the wrong place, one minute away from it. I must have walked past it, on Google maps it’s back down this way, somewhere over there on the right.

Well, who’s ever gonna think I’m a tourist blending in so well, camera on a stick, Google maps out, wandering around not really paying attention to anywhere I’m going. Oh, oh, oh I see something that looks like a Café, it’s in vaguely in the right spot, this is good news, Café Royale got it. Right there, oops, I think I just stood on somebody.

Right on the edge of the square, now come on, this looks like a place to sit, have a drink and watch the afternoon go by. Welcome to Café Royal, location by the Clock Tower..

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