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Sweden is the most prosperous and the largest of the Scandinavian countries. Stockholm is the major gateway by air. Malmo is an easy boat connection with Denmark. The entire western edge of Sweden borders Norway.

Some 90 percent of the population lives in Southern Sweden. Stockholm with its 1.3 million people is the largest city and capital of the country, complete with King and royal palaces. Goteborg has close to 700,000 people; Malmo, 454,000. Half the land is forested and lake covered. Thousands of tiny islands line the coasts. Southern Sweden has a surprisingly mild climate. January temperatures average around twenty-six degrees in Stockholm, in the mid-sixties during July and August. In June the average day has nineteen hours of sunlight.

Sweden hosts a little over two million visitors each year who leave about $1 billion. Only about twenty thousand of the visitors are U.S. citizens. SAS, the Scandinavian airline, flies from the U.S. to Sweden via Copenhagen.

The people were immediately alarmed with the report of this horrid Sweden massacre, the bells were set a ringing, and great numbers soon assembled at the place where Sweden this tragical scene had been acted; their feelings may be better conceived than expressed; and while some were taking care of the dead and wounded, the rest were in consultation what to do in these dreadful circumstances. But so little intimidated were they, notwithstanding their being within a few yards of the main-guard, and seeing the 29th regiment under arms, and drawn up in King-street; that they kept their station, and appear’d as an officer of rank express’d it, ready to run upon the very muzzles of their muskets.

The Lieut. Governor soon came into the Town House, and there met some of his Majesty’s Council, and a number of civil Magistrates; a considerable body of people immediately enter’d the Council chamber and expressed themselves to his Honour with a freedom and warmth becoming the occasion. He used his utmost endeavoure to pacify them, requesting that they would let the matter subside for the night, and promised to do all in his power that justice should be done, and the law have its course; men of influence and weight with the people were not wanting on their part to procure their compliance with his Honour’s request, by representing the horrible consequences of a promiscuous and rash engagement in the night, and assuring them that such measures should be entered upon in the morning, as would be agreeable to their dignity, and more likely way of obtaining the best satisfaction for the blood of their fellow-townsmen. The inhabitants attended to these suggestions, and the regiment under arms being ordered to the barracks which was insisted upon by the people, they then separated and return’d to their dwellings, by one o’clock.

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