Cafe Adelaide’s proprietors are Ti Martin and Lally Brennan, members of the Brennan restaurateur clan. They named the restaurant and bar in honor of their favorite aunt, Adelaide a New Orleans character if there ever was one who owned a blue fur, a pink fur, a mink, a sable, and finally a monkey coat with a matching hat. She also (allegedly) always wore a gold swizzle stick on a chain around her neck, keeping it handy in case her drink ever needed an extra stir. Apparently it was used frequently and with relish. Their signature drink, The Adelaide Swizzle, is named in her honor and made with dark rum and a secret ingredient. The atmosphere of the bar reflects that sense of bonhomie. The menu changes with the seasons, but standards anchor it, as is typical of a classic New Orleans restaurant.

Though I love sitting at the bar and watching bartenders carve ice cubes from the ice block centerpiece, I also like to take my drink into the hotel lobby. The cushiony sofas and chairs and big window on to Poydras offer a great spot in the Central Business District for people watching while sipping a well-crafed drink in swank surroundings.


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