Temples of Bagan Lunch in Nyaung U Village Myanmar Travel

And we’re in beautiful Bagan, exploring the ruins.

It’s got to the heat of the day, so it’s time to take lunch, so I’m in the center of the village, because Bagan is the area, people get confused but it’s actually very easy. There’s old Began, which is where all the, most of the temples are, the people used to live there, but they moved them out, to this village which is called Nyaung U, I must find out, I’ll put it in the thing below, and then they made New Bagan so nobody actually lives in Old Bagan, that’s just a place where all the temple the concentration of the temples are, I say all the temples because they are actually, spread out over a massive area. I believe over, twenty five square kilometres of temples, dotted everywhere as you’ll see from our, trip around here, and then there’s this village here, which is a great place to stay at, called Nyaung U, and this is the place where I am now, it’s the cheaper place to stay, a lot of locals stay here, and I’m on the main street at the moment, where all the restaurants and cafes and bars are, so it’s a good place to, get lunch and evening meal, which I’m doing now.

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New Bagan is, got a lot more of the posher hotels, a bit more expensive, and both this village, and new Bagan, are about five kilometres away from old Bagan, where all the temples are, so very easy to get to, you can rent a bike like I did, and potter around electric bike, you can get a horse and cart, you can rent a bicycle, and you can also get organized tours if you like, with or without a tour guide. So it’s quite easy to get around, not that cheap, Myanmar in general is not cheap, by Asian standards. Food, transport and things are, a little bit more than what you’ll find any other places, tourism is still growing, oops, tourism is still growing and developing, but it’s getting there.

It’s hit a bit of a bump from the political side, which has put a few people coming off, but there’s nothing to worry about coming to Myanmar, it’s a very safe country, the people are wonderful, and they really appreciate you coming to see their country, and they’ll really look after you as best as they can. And when it comes to eating, there is plenty, plenty places to eat, from local style, local stalls, nice restaurants, Indian, pizza, you name it, there is plenty to choose from, so you’ll be spoilt for choice of all different price brackets, you can eat the street food, quite nice and safely and you can go to a restaurant, or you can have a full sit-down spread, at some of the posh places, you can find everything to suit your taste and your budget. Just dig in and enjoy.

Yes, thank you, thank you very much. This is rice, lots of pots. I ordered naan, naan is coming, naan is coming oh the rice as well oh okay.

This is tomato, this is tomato and chili, and that is tamarin, okay, yeah, lovely thank you, thank you very much, okay Bon Appétit, thank you. And here, the naan is here, oh and the naan, thank you. Can I take, plate? yes and better? it’s okay?, yep that’s okay, thank you very much.

And here we have it, chicken, rice, my naan bread, I don’t know if you can see all these pots, I’ll take you on a tour to see all the pots of all the food. But first, most important thing, it’s okay naan, not the softest but I’ve eaten naan in India, let’s taste this sauce, nice sauce and spicy spice, not spicy, I think my travels in India trained me well. And don’t forget, probably the two most beautiful times of day in began, sunrise, and sunset, it’s worth getting up for the sunrise, and reading the sunrise, it’s a beautiful time of day, then there’s the hour after sunrise, the light is beautiful, it’s lovely, also sunset, there is a few popular places where the crowds go to for sunset, but it’s very easy, to just wander off, find your own spot, I managed to find two sunsets, where I was, one sunset there was a few people, like five, another sunset I was the only person there, and I could look over some of the popular sunset spots, and there were crowds of people.

So, my recommendation here, do one night in a popular spot, to get an idea of the view but when you’ve got a lay of the land, go and find your own, special spot, and enjoy the beauty of sunset, but do remember if you’re out there for sunset, you need to get back, so make sure you’ve got lights on your bike, bicycle, or if you’re walking or cycling, make sure you’ve got a light. But go and enjoy, it’s a beautiful time of the day..

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