The Best Swimming holes in Colorado

Devil’s Punchbowl near Aspen Colorado just off of Independence pass is this beautiful swimming hole the swimming hole offers cliffs to jump off and beautiful green water to cool down in about an hour away from Colorado Springs is Paradise Cove it is a short hike from the highway and is very popular nonetheless it is very beautiful there’s many different levels of cliffs to jump off of it is a nice place to relax party cool down and chill in the Green Mountain Resvoir there are a series of steep cliffs to jump off of they range in different sizes for different skill levels to get back on land you just climb the cliff on the Colorado River new Kremlin is radium Springs many people floating down the rivers pull up here to rest and jump off the cliffs hidden in a semi desert climate and near Grand Junction are a series of pools called the potholes hey guys, these posts are a lot of work running around the state filming and capturing all these beautiful places then run back home and edit and put out these posts it’s a lot of work and I’d really appreciate it if you would comment and like and comment on it. It really helps the post out gets more views so let me know your favorite swimming hole in the comments below. I know there is a few I missed out on, about seven of them.

The Best Swimming holes in Colorado Photo Gallery

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