The Discovery Museums US Map & Phone & Address

The Discovery Museums US Map & Phone & Address

177 Main St, Acton; (508) 264-4200

It’s two museums in one! The Children’s Discovery Museum entertains the age one-to-six set with exhibits in the rooms, closets, and corridors of a 100-year-old Victorian house. These include Water Discovery with a floor to ceiling bubble hoop; a room filled with Lego’s Du-plo building blocks; and the Rainbow Room, with its giant Rainbow Wall Puzzle. Puzzles and books are the primary source of fun and learning here.

You know about the one in Boston; but there are also smaller (thus cheaper and less overwhelming) versions in Acton, Dartmouth, and Easton.

Older kids will prefer The Science Discovery Museum, where hands-on activities teach the fundamentals of science better than any textbook. Exhibits include the Inventor’s Workshop, and the Electricity Room. Don’t miss the Whisper Dishes outside: A pair of radar-shaped dishes are spaced 100 feet apart, so perfectly aligned that you can whisper into one and be heard clearly in the other. Of course, Mine knows how this works; he, um, just doesn’t have room to explain it here. . . .

The Discovery Museums sponsor a number of special events, too.

These include story hours, demonstrations, nature walks, and plenty of hands-on experiments. Most are free with admission. Either museum costs $5 per person; or, you can visit both in one day for $8. Hours vary by season, so call ahead.

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