That is not stable. I thought that was secured to the ground. This is wobbly. Hi, if there is one thing you need to know about me is that I love wine. And even more so specifically I love wine from the Mendoza region of Argentina, which I just happen to currently be in. This is the start of my trip around South America and I am super, super, super excited to be sharing it with you Its going to be and my friend Matt So we are going on a wine tour. We are going to be drinking a lot of wine. Literally, the only reason why I wanted to come to Mendoza, I just wanted to drink a lot of wine. This is a lot of tanks and stuff.


They really, really like to water their gardens. This is an excessive amount of watering happening We’ve got it. The elusive red card that literally took us “1 hour and a half”, like 2 hours, a solid 2 hours of wondering though the streets of Mendoza to find this card. Good morning everyone. So it is definitely 11:00am and we are going on a wine biking tour. Why? It seams like a cool thing to do. I feel like I might regret this later Anyways, this is our first winery. Alright, so here at the organic winery, they use, they plant fruit trees among the grapes to keep the bus out. So what it is, the fruit trees ripen before the grapes ripen, so the bus will be attracted to eat the fruit instead of the grapes. Brilliant. Please have a try. You have to swirl your wine. A lot harder to swish with my left hand I am a left hand swisher.

Oh wow. That is a very, very easy to drink wine. This could be dangerous. Alright, time to do biking after all that wine. Clearly the best thing to do right now. Clearly, the smart thing to do. Why is it even an option. I just like all the wines. There is no differentiation with me. Salute. Carmenere, gran reserve. I like drinking reserve wines. Biking time, biking time. Number 5, no number 7. I don’t even know anymore. And there is a lot more in this one Well, feel like we sufficiently done the wines. Wines, done. Bye.

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