Top 10 Friendliest Cities in Europe

Top 10 Friendliest Cities in Europe

Today we’re counting down the top ten friendliest cities in Europe. Are you a fan of our videos? Be sure to subscribe to Mojo travels and Ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos. For this list, we’re looking at the most warm, welcoming and accepting cities in Europe as voted on in the 2020 Conde Nast Traveler Readers Choice Awards.

If friendly locals are a priority when it comes to your travel plans. This is the list for you. Number ten Helsinki, Finland intent places the modern Nordic city of Helsinki, the capital city of and largest population center in Finland. Helsinki is known the world over fears, infrastructure, contemporary design and the fact that it’s a model of sustainability.

It would seem that a high quality of life for locals has made them an altogether agreeable and welcoming people. Travelers in need of assistance where they’re looking for directions or navigating local transit consistently report that the locals they encounter. Are extremely kind and courteous. Just consider yourself warned. Helsinki is a coastal city and they’ve got something of a bird problem. The locals are friendly, but the local seagulls are downright pushy and are known to swoop in and steal food from unsuspecting travelers.

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9 Athens, Greece

A family friendly getaway, Athens has a bit of everything and the locals seem all too happy to share with travelers. Given the world documented history of Ancient Greece, Athens provides a wealth of cultural and historical sites that old World European appeal is everywhere you look. As for cuisine, well, Greek food is right up there with Italy. In terms of Mediterranean excellence, while financial difficulties and unrest in the 21st century had some travelers. Avoiding the Greek capital for a few years, it remains as warm and welcoming as ever, perhaps even more so due to the positive impact of tourism on the economy. While you’re in Greece, you may want to consider adding some time to your itinerary so that you can explore the Greek islands. Folegandros in particular, was named Europe’s Top island in the same reader poll.

top 10 friendliest cities in europe

8 Reykjavík, Iceland

Iceland’s reputation precedes it over the last decade or so. The stunning and rustic natural beauty. Of the country has made it one of the trendiest destinations in Europe, if not the world. With so many incredible sights and environments to explore in the Icelandic wilderness, Reykjavik often gets treated as little more than a home base. Spent some time exploring the capital city, however, and you’re sure to fall in love. Sure, their prices are steep, but the down to Earth hospitable locals more than make up the difference. If your trip happens to coincide with any of the cities festivals which include the Winter Lights festival. And Stockfish Film Festival. You’ll have the opportunity to see the local spirits in full swing and with gatherings like the simply named Food and Fun Festival. That welcoming mentality tends to rub off on everyone.

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7, Edinburgh, Scotland

It might only be second in terms of Scotland’s most populated cities, but the Scottish capital remains the country’s most popular destination, and purportedly its friendliest considered to be among Europe’s most beautiful cities, Edinburgh is a picture perfect blend. Of historic building and a dramatic landscape, rocky hills provide perfect pedestals for the city’s most iconic sites, including the instantly recognizable Edinburgh Castle. In keeping with its long and storied history, Edinburgh is a city jam packed with under the radar spots and hidden nooks to discover. Thankfully, the kind locals are all too happy to help you spot them. The city’s nightlife and festivals are also a testament to the city’s open and welcoming nature for all of its historic attractions. Edinburgh has. A very young and modern energy to it in no small part thanks to it being a student city.

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6 Bologna, Italy

Speaking of student cities, Bologna is another must visit destination that’s been shaped by the many young people who call it home. Bologna has long been overshadowed by more high profile Italian cities like Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan, but minus the big ticket attractions Bologna actually boasts all of the old world charm of the Afor mentioned destinations. Just with a more down home quality is perhaps because Bologna receives fewer tourists that the divide between locals and travellers feels less clearcut here than in the likes of Rome and Venice. Travelers can easily happily lose themselves here by wandering under porticos, sampling the local dishes and relaxing in the PR’s amateur a an open minded city with a long history of progressive values, Bologna more than earns its high friendliness score.

top 10 friendliest cities in europe

5, Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a city that really requires little introduction. In recent years, the Portuguese capital has become a very popular destination with travelers around the world from South Georgia Castle, Belem Tower and the Lisbon Cathedral to the ruler, or Gusta Archer and Eduardo, the 7th park. The city is certainly not lacking for noteworthy attractions, but honestly the whole thing is so beautiful and culturally rich that it can equally be appreciated by simply wandering the city’s historic streets. Thankfully, even as Portugal becomes an increasingly popular destination, the Lisbon locals still seem to be taking it all in stride. Whatever issues they may be navigating in terms of over tourism, they’re working to address the problem as a whole, not venting their frustrations to the individual travelers visiting this wonderful city, Lisbon is a busy place, but it still welcomes you with open arms.

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4, Porto, Portugal

When a country lands two cities on this list back to back, it’s safe to say that the nation as a whole has its heart in the right place. Just beating out Lisbon, Porto is the country’s second largest city, but first in terms of friendliness. Located on the coast of northern Portugal and divided by the Doro River, Porto is a stunning gem of a city. While the architecture and surrounding landscape are indeed enchanting, the city’s beauty is more than skin deep. It’s got engaging and lively locals to match. Whether you’re enjoying a cruise along the Duoro River, sampling the regions, wine, visiting one of the many museums, or getting a crash course in Portuguese cuisine, one thing is guaranteed. Pretty much everyone you interact with is sure to make you feel at home.

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3 Valletta, Malta

As far as Mediterranean destinations go, Malta really tends to get overlooked travelers from the surrounding European countries appreciate its many virtues in charms, but in the eyes of travelers from further abroad, it consistently gets eclipsed by countries like Croatia, Italy and Greece. And that’s a real shame because Malta is among the most warm and welcoming destinations in all of Europe. Given its unique history, the small island nation boasts a remarkable cultural. Blend that borrows from a number of its neighbors, but also feels utterly unique. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the capital city of Valletta, which honestly looks like something out of a fantasy series, an extremely progressive city known for being a European leader in LGBTQ, plus rights. Malta is the sort of destination where everyone feels welcome. It’s tough to leave without having made at least a few friends.

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2, Dublin, Ireland

What can we say about the. Irish capital that hasn’t already been said. Well, perhaps the fact that it’s locals are so darn friendly, the city proper is home to about 550,000 people, but with around 1.9 million residents in the greater Dublin area, the local energy can really get dialed up. Depending on the occasion, Dublin can feel sleepy and quaint or like one big party and it’s that duality that’s a major part of the city’s appeal. Whether you’re having a pint at the pub strolling its picturesque streets. Or just sitting on a bench. People watching locals are going to say hello. There’s a sense of familiarity and small town charm that seems to permeate the local mentality naturally chatty people. Dubliners never seem at a loss when it comes to conversation. They also seem to take pride in making sure that travelers get the help they need and are well taken care of.

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1, Galway, Ireland

Ireland sure is a friendly place, beating out Dublin. Galway is at the. Very top of our list. It’s considered not only the friendliest city in Europe, but amongst the most welcoming towns anywhere with a population of under 80,000 people. Galway is modest in size, but that just translates into a wonderful sense of local community named a European capital of Culture in 2020. Galway is known for its love of music and arts, with festivals happening throughout the calendar year. During these celebrations, the line between local and traveler quickly disappears, with everyone coming together. And of course you can’t have a reputation for great hospitality without food and drink to match, in addition to the classic pub culture for which the country is famous, Galway is the Irish culinary capital here. Pretty much everyone gets treated like family.

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