Top 3 Stunning Destinations You Must Visit In Sorrento

The Sorrentine Peninsula lies across the Bay of Naples. It is one of the most beautiful and attractive coastlines in the world. The small town of Sorrento is located at the north coast of the peninsula and has the perfect location just looking over the Bay of Naples, the Isle of Capri and the Mount Vesuvius. Nothing can be so perfect like this destination and its landscape. This place is famous for the lemons and the limoncello. Apart from these, this city has lots to offer to the tourists. If you want to explore Italy in a different way, this place can be your perfect start.

Top 3 Stunning Destinations You Must Visit In Sorrento Photo Gallery

1. Explore Marina Granda and Marina Piccola

These two harbors are quite famous in this destination. Both these harbors extend up to the steep coast of Sorrento. The boats arriving and departing is a thing that most of the tourists like to watch and enjoy. The waterfront of these harbors have boardwalk and lined by the restaurants that offer delicious seafood to the customers. The tourists can also explore the small fishing villages around the area and enjoy the sunbathing too. The tourists can stay at the Hotel Sorrento with swimming pool to have a luxurious holiday.

2. Visit the Villa Comunale

One of the most beautiful and romantic things you can do is to watch the sunset at the Villa Communale. It is the park located near the cloister of San Francisco. This park is located just above the Marina Grande harbor. If you look west, you can see the colourful boats harboured at the coast and also the rocky point of Sorrento.

3. See the city walls

The Greeks have surrounded the town with the walls that were built stronger by the Romans that remained strong till the middle ages. After the Turkish attack 1500, the walls were rebuilt again. Some part of the city walls remain in the present time just at the entrance of the Marina Grande harbour.

Apart from exploring the sight-seeing destinations in Sorrento, you can explore the nearby locations too. You can have your stay at the Hotel Sorrento with swimming pool and have a tour to Pompeii. You can travel to Capri, one of the most awaited places near Sorrento.

Additionally, if you are looking for a beach destination, you should try the Amalfi coast. When you are travelling to Sorrento, it is very important that you hire a reputed tour operator who can organize customize the tour for you.

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