The only city in the world to be located on two continents, Europe and Asia, Istanbul spreads out on two sides of the Bosphorus, a narrow channel in which the waters of the Black Sea mingle with those of the Sea of Marmara and around the fabled Golden Horn. On this splendid site, Istanbul guards the precious relics of three empires of which it has served as capital. Istanbul is a unique link between East and West and between past and present. It combines the East’s culture and tradition with the West’s amenities and modernity.

The city is not only historic however: it is also a great metropolis that is fascinatingly and vividly alive. Beneath the skyline of domes and minarets, there is the continual bustle and movement of the crowd, the rumbling of vechicles along ancient cobbled streets, the incessant coming and going, and the cries of street sellers mingling with the sounds of shipping in the busy harbor. Istanbul is infinitely varied: museums, ancient churches, palaces, great mosques, bazaars and the matchless Bosphorus.



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