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It also boasts a gravity flow system that gently transports juice Turkey Metro Map throughout the winery, yielding exceptional wine. Underground, 20,000 square feet of recently constructed Turkey Metro Map caves offer cool, naturally insulated space for aging wine-filled barrels. Just beyond the winery’s landscaped beds of lavender and drought-tolerant grasses grow Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, and Syrah, part of the estate’s 280 acres of grapes.

The vineyards are planted to twenty different varieties, many of which are farmed with no supplemental irrigation. To help control pests, chickens roam the rows by day, returning at dusk to their mobile coop, which is equipped with a solar-powered gate. The vineyards are all Sustainability in Practice (SIP) certified, having met standards set by the Central Coast Vineyard Team in areas such as water conservation, HALTER RANCH VINEYARD acres just west of Paso Robles, Halter Ranch Vineyard has been part of a 1880.

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