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Source: British Tourist Authority.

After London, one of the major metropolitan areas of the world (about eight million people), come the other large cities: Manchester (about one million), Liverpool (three-fourths of a million), Sheffield (6 Vi million), all north of London.

England is divided into counties. Those nearest London are called the home counties. The Midlands refer to the central counties. The Cotswolds, part of the Midlands, are a tourist attraction, hilly with honey-colored stone used in many of the villages. Broadway is one of the better known of these garden villages dotted with pubs and small hotels. Chipping Camden lies on the northern edge of the Cotswolds. Cirencester is in its center. Gloucester and Oxford are border towns of the area, each with its own historical and architectural interest.

Royal African Company Over the course of eighty years (16721752), the Royal African Company played an integral role in the transatlantic slave trade. Chartered in England by Charles II as a joint-stock company in 1672, the Royal African Company conducted trade along the coast of Africa from the Senegal River to Angola. United Kingdom Map Tourist Attractions The establishment of slave forts in these regions facilitated the company’s trade and provided protection from rival nations. During the first two decades of its existence, the Royal African Company maintained a monopoly of the slave trade. The company controlled the English trade to the West Indies and the English colonies in North Country until 1698. In addition to its trade monopoly with the English colonies, the company also received the Spanish asiento, granting it exclusive rights to supply the Spanish colonies with slaves. Although the Royal African Company maintained a monopoly of the English and Spanish trade, it faced competition from other European trading companies. Prior to 1672, Denmark, France, Holland, Portugal, and Sweden each established chartered companies to engage in the slave trade from Africa.

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