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When the donkey settled down he worked well, pulling at Vacation places in China a good pace, even on the last part of the drive which goes over the river Vacation places in China and up the steep-sided island. Jiaohe stands on a high bluff island in the confluence of two rivers. Its name means Between the Streams. It had been the capital of the Che Shi Qian kingdom from about 200 BC until mid-AD 500 and was destroyed by Genghiz Khan. The main street used to run north to south. Some of the mud-brick buildings are reasonably intact, including a monastery at the northern end.

The evidence doesn’t end here. Perhaps the most profoundly touching EVPs were collected during our brief time at the Italian Hall Memorial Site. There were just three little words, but they were profoundly touching, “Momma” and “Johnny … Johnny?” Several children named Johnny died on December 24, 1913. Was this one of them? We pause, as this story ends and wonder, did they ever find each other?

Story Three: The Crouch Murders

Reynolds Cemetery, Jackson, MI St. Johns Cemetery, Jackson, MI Crouch Homestead (address withheld by owner request)

Password: cm324 Historical Assstance: Jeff Westover

Courtesy of Jeff Westover

November 21, 1883, it was near 11:00 p.m. Rolling storm clouds obliterated what little light the evening sky offered and cast the land in an inky blackness. Growling winds rushed across empty fields and sent a flurry of fallen leaves scratching against the farmhouse windows as though begging entry. Inside two men sat socializing, glasses of cider in hand, seemingly unaware of the impending storm.

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