What Makes a Good Architect Great?

Building a new home or renovating a new home is a big job. It is quite unlikely that you are able to take on such a large project on your own. You will work with designers, contractors, and most importantly, a great architect to help all the elements come together from start to finish. But what makes a great architect? There are a few things to consider when you are hiring an architect.

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When you are in the process of hiring an architect, it is important to understand what a great architect is. Especially if you receive conflicting information or recommendations from family, coworkers, or friends, you will want to sort them out on your own. One of the most important aspects of a great architect is creativity. When you work with a professional architect, they are going to help you solve problems involving design, building codes or land use, zoning issues, budgetary planning, and even the proper use of space. Creative thinking is a must.

Other than being knowledgeable and creative, a great architect should be quick on their feet. Resourcefulness is another crucial aspect of the field. Even when a project is ideally planned and budgeted, there will always be twists and challenges and things that are totally unexpected. An architect needs to not only help predict these issues but work well to solve these issues when they come up.

Technical focus and foresight are two more aspects to look for in a great architect. At the start, you will work together to create a plan of the bigger picture; however, the ability to focus on details is crucial. Examples include the ability to focus on the cost of construction, the simplicity of construction, the sequence of construction, and others. Foresight indicates the ability to set expectations – timeline, potential problems, milestones, etc. Problems will arise – and this is a crucial skill.

A few other aspects of a great architect include incredible leadership skills, effective communication, and collaboration skills, and the drive to create and carry out a great project. You should be able to work with your architect, whether you hire an individual or a firm such as Denton Modern Architecture, to keep the process ongoing, productive, and organized. An architect should also have construction savvy and contacts within the industry.

Hiring an architect isn’t an easy task but it is an important one. Especially when you are taking on a larger project such as building a new home or commercial building, you need to work with a professional that knows what they are doing every step of the way.

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