Why Beach Tents are a Must Have

Planning a beach excursion with your family? You must have a beach tent or two readies to bring along.

Even if your kids play in the backyard or anywhere outdoor for that matter, it is a nice idea to set up a beach tent nearby.

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You must be wondering why, especially if you are a new parent. The thing is, a beach tent or sun shade is important because of several reasons.

What Does a Beach Tent Do?

First and foremost, a beach tent offers shade against the sun and its harsh rays. Avoiding harmful UV rays, while still enjoying the outdoors, the beach or your backyard is a great reason why you should get a beach tent or sun shade.

Having anyone in your family play or hangout under a beach tent significantly lessens the chance of sunburn, heatstroke, rashes and other conditions.

If you have toddlers or older kids with you in the beach, they might get hurt from the harsh sun because they still have incredibly delicate skin. Although applying sunscreen helps, too much of it can also cause irritation.

Tents offer protection from blustery winds, kicked-up sand or dust, and pesky bugs.

If you have a hyperactive toddler who loves playing outside, he or she can get sunburn or lots of insect bites without a tent.

This is why we recommend getting the best beach tents for your family.

Tips in Choosing a Beach Tent

• Choose a tent that provides UVA and UVB ray protection,

• Choose a size that would fit most of your family members,

• Choose a well-ventilated beach tent,

• You can choose tents with an attached bottom that will keep your family protected from the sand, dust and insects in the beach,

• There are beach tents that have multiple stakes that offer more sturdiness in case of strong winds or a sudden change in weather,

• Best opt for easy to fold and carry beach tents that will fit most car trunks. Tents that are portable can be set up anywhere, like the beach, your backyard, a park or a children’s playground.
Final Thoughts on Beach Tents

We highly recommend lightweight tents that are easy to transport and carry along, even if you are traveling with kids.

Easy to set up tents won’t eat too much of your time and effort and you can keep an eye on your kids more.

Although a pop-up tent makes some things easy, it isn’t all that sturdy or durable. But there are manufacturers that offer beach tents that give you the best of both worlds – the durability of traditional beach tents and the user-friendliness of pop-up tents.

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