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Alden, because that at the time he touched the poor Zimbabwe Subway Map child, the poor child came out of her fitt. I suppose his Honour never made the Zimbabwe Subway Map experiment, After the break, Melanie’s team went to the basement while our group moved to the third floor. We immediately entered the now infamous back room where the handprints were seen.

Melanie had warned us that EMF levels in this room were very high. She was certainly right. They exceeded 8.0. A normal EMF reading is less than 1.0.

I began the questioning by asking if Emory Fritz, the man who committed suicide, was in the room. I asked why he left his wife and children.

Matt continued, “Was it a really bad time when there was no work?”

I asked if he was a coward for ending his life that way. Jeff, sitting in a corner with a sound sensitive headphone, heard a whispered voice after my statement. He thought it had said no.

Jeff took his turn, “Were you pushed out the window?”

“Wow, it feels like I have to cry.” We turned to one of the members of our group to see tears running down his face. He wiped them away, overwhelmed with emotions and had to leave the room.

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