10 Best hotels in Costa Teguise Lanzarote

Are you looking for the best hotels in Costa Teguise? Well. here they come. Do know that this post is based on a whole lot of online research on the over 40 hotels in Costa Teguise and then selecting the 12 best ones. When I visited these in real life, 4 were not as promised online and 8 really offered great holidays. Just trying to say. don’t always believe everything you read online. HD Beach Resort is a clean an fresh hotel next to the beach and therefor of course with great ocean views.

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The hotel has a choice of pools on different levels. On the first floor you will find the main pool with great views over the surrounding area and beach area, on ground level you will also find a special pool for the kids as well as a cosy pool bar. This hotel is fully all inclusive. Centrally located in Costa Teguise you will find the newly updated Galeon Playa apartments, a compact, cosy and personal feeling complex with loads of things for the kids. This includes a great mini club, kids pool with slides and playground. All this is located a bit away from the main pool with more relaxed vibe. Also the beach is very close by. Occidental Lanzarote Playa is a very big hotel that recently has been updated and modernised. The hotel has a fresh open feeling reception with sitting and relax areas. In the garden area you will find the main pool as well as a kids plunge pool with playground next to it.

There is also a variety of sports fields you can use during your stay. The hotel Occidental Lanzarote Playa is located in a quiet area outside of the main center of Costa Teguise and has a small tiny cosy beach just outfront. The hotel offers half board and different all inclusive packages. The Los Zocos Club is a family club resort with loads of entertainment for the entire family, a great kids play pool, mini golf area and sports fields. The hotel also has a large mini club for kids of all ages. In the Los Zocos Club Resort you also have 2 pools. 1 entertainment oriented pool and one for a more relaxed chill vibe with volleyball field next to it and dedicated area for swimming pool lengths. Many of the ground floor rooms have walk out style balconies for easy access to the pool. The hotel is within walking distance from the main beach in Costa Teguise as well as all the shops and restaurants. In the center of Costa Teguise and therefore close to all the restaurants and shopping, you will find the Be Live Experience Lanzarote.

This hotel has a nice compact feel and therefore from pretty much all ground floor rooms you have direct access to the central pool because of the walk out style balconies. Even tho a small complex there are different bars and restaurants in the complex and many more just within walking distance. The Be Live Experience Lanzarote offers 2 different all inclusive packages so make sure you pick the right one for you. The standard all-inclusive and the all inclusive with premium drinks package. H10 is a group with a lot of great hotels all over Spain and the H10 Suites Lanzarote Gardens is no exception. This hotel offers a large entertainment program and mini club next to the pool . The pool also offers a pirate ship for the kids to play on. Within 50 meters from the centrally located pool you will also find a playground and main mini club for the children. This hotel offers many food and drinks options including all inclusive. From the main restaurant you also have a great view over the pool.

The Barcelo Teguise Beach is a luxurious adults only hotel right in the center of Costa Teguise but still with a nice beach and ocean view. The whole hotel feel very fresh and a bit like a mix of Spanish and Arabian Town but on a smaller scale. There are 2 different pools, 1 infinity pool and 1 main pool surrounded by Balinese style beds and an open air gym. Before I move on to the last hotel, know that you can find my most up to date hotel selection on my website. There you can also instantly price compare all these hotels and find out where you can book them with the best price guarantee. So to make sure you pick the right hotel for you and don’t overpay you can go direct to my website . or click the link under this post that will take you direct to the Lanzarote page. The El Guarapo apartments is a very compact and personal feeling complex in one of the small side streets of the Costa Teguise. It was recently completely refurbished and updated to become even better. This could be a great budget option for anyone looking for a budget holiday in Lanzarote.

I hope this post helped you and that you will have an even better time in Lanzarote because of it and feel free to have a look at these posts as well or have a look on my website.

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